No Color Was Harmed in the Making of This Piece

It may come as no surprise to many of you that I like color. Lots and lots of color. Rich, saturated, in your face, heavenly, bright, jarring color.

My decisions about whether or not I like a piece of dyed fabric I’ve completed largely includes the criteria that it must be bright, colorful, not dull. I have found, though, that the dull colors set off the brights well in a piece. Having only brights doesn’t give much leeway for me to play with lights and darks and medium tones.

I wrote earlier about my new-found decision to work in a series. I’m doing squares – large squares, small squares, interlocking squares, squares, squares, squares. I hope I don’t get bored with so many squares. I might have to throw in a rectangle or so or appliqué on a circle to keep me going. I used to work in circles – I mean I used to create circles, not run around inside one although that happened too.

Yesterday was the second day my sewing studio was put together in its new location. It is now not a “room” but a “studio” and it makes me feel artsy as all get out. I do need a new sewing machine as one I bought last March has been nothing but trouble and now the feed dogs won’t change position – they’re stuck in the down position. The company, who will remain nameless but it starts with an S and has been around forever, wants me to pay to ship the nasty thing to some sewing machine store to be repaired. I’m not doing that. I may try, once again, to get the screw off the throat plate and see what’s happening below. They told me to put a drop of machine oil on the screw to make it easier to get out.  Anyway, that machine is the pits and a new one will be arriving in April. I’ve decided I must get that and drop the spinning wheel purchase for a few more months. We have to set priorities.

For my birthday I got new dye colors from Dharma Trading Co. (fantastic place BTW) and I’m anxious for their arrival. They are bright colors. Lime Squeeze, Hot Hibiscus, Marigold, Orchid and Bahama Blue to name a few. I was out of soda ash to set the dyes so the main cost of shipping came from that 5 lb bag of fixative.

I also got embroidery and quilting needles and an 11 x 17 Q-Snap quilting frame, which I have somewhere and cannot find. I can only find the 17 x 17 one and it’s too big to get the quilt in the right position.

While cleaning out the old sewing room and moving it to the studio, I found a quilt I had started back in 2012 or 2013. I had quilted part of it by machine but I’m not fighting with the S piece of crap so I’m going to quilt it by hand. It’s not as bad as it sounds. I can finish it working on it at night for about a month. But I needed needles. The ones I have don’t have large eyes and they are tiny teensy itty bitty quilting needles that bend when I try to get them through the cloth. It is just too much for those needles. When the new ones come, I’ll get to work on it. It’s a little dull though and I hope I like it.