Solar Return

This is the week of my birth, eons ago. Long, long ago …….

Every year, everyone has a Solar Return. It’s around your date of birth and it is a snapshot of the planets at the exact time your sun comes back to the degree and minute of your birth.

My Solar Return this year fell on January 2 at 8:41 pm. Every year, I look at my Solar Return chart and it shows me the indications for my whole year.

Last night I picked up my book by Dane Rudhyar entitled An Astrological Mandala. In it he has taken the impressions from a psychic who went with Marc Edmond Jones (another famous astrologer) to a park and when given an index card with each degree of the zodiac, gave Jones her psychic impression of that degree. Rudhyar had taken those and explained the cycle of transformation with his own interpretations. I have had this book longer than I can remember.

I looked up all the degrees of my Solar Return chart. The degree rising in my chart, the inner and outer planets, the nadir and the midheaven. Here’s what I read:

  • Subservience to the vagaries of or desires of, the emotional nature
  • spiritual blessing – standing for my own spiritual truth
  • white-capped waves display the power of wind over sea, interpreted as rhythmic intensity
  • Santa Claus filling stockings – a rewarded faith in spiritual blessing
  • A fire worshipper meditates on the ultimate realities of existence or will to transcendence
  • A jockey spurs his horse intent on outdistancing his rivals or a summons to rebirth
  • Rose windows in a goth church one of which is damaged by war or a waste of power
  • coming into contact with higher forms of existence
  • tested – qualifications
  • a child gives birds a drink at a fountain or solicitude
  • a Chinese laundry or self-containment
  • an aviator pursues his journey through the clouds or mastery
  • the gate to the garden of all fulfilled desires or cosmic optimism
  • the Union Jack flies from a British warship – or political power
  • imagination
  • a prophet carrying tablets of the New Law walking down the slopes of Mount Sinai or peak experiences
  • the growth of the spiritual creative process in an integrated mind

Sounds like a pretty interesting year to me! I notice these are all centered around spiritual growth and faith. Since I’m there, in that spirit place, I guess I’ll just keep going ………