Crossing the Great Divide

via Daily Prompt: Crossing

The great divide, the grape skin veil between the world of duality and confusion, the crossing over into the realization of the Infinite.

How to cross that divide, that divide which is wide and horribly scary and which must be crossed before life can be lived with grace? How do we get there?

I do much reading on the subject. I have read Vashistha’s Yoga 4 times from beginning to end. I’m on the 5th reading now. I remember reading The Bible from cover to cover in my twenties. I’ve just never been a big fan of Christianity. I’m not saying there’s anything bad with any religion, just that I didn’t get IT being raised a Christian.

I got it practicing Bhakti Yoga – the yoga of the Chant. That’s when it all came together. I remember having a Jyotish (Hindu Astrology) reading in 2005. I was told I was on the razor’s edge of enlightenment. I think everyone is there. The razor’s edge is sharp, it can cut you, it can also heal you.

Chanting with Krishna Das on my iPod became my way to cross the divide between what is real and what is not. I had to learn the lyrics because I was unfamiliar with the songs. I could do the Hare’ Krishna chants on my own, but learning the lyrics to other chants was important to me. I printed them out and sat with them in my lap when I practiced. Now I remember them somehow, they feel second nature to me.

I have had some incredible visions while chanting, meditating and being mindful. I have mentioned before that I was born psychic, as I believe all of us are, I just didn’t have the grape skin between the mind-stream collective that others have. It wasn’t there, ever. I had dreams and visions for as long as I can remember. I read everything I could about it. I needed to know why I saw things and others didn’t. Things like colors around people. Doesn’t everyone see that? I was a sponge too – horrid way to live, let me tell you! I pick up on emotional and physical distress. Especially emotional, which was hard in the family I was born into because everyone in that family was emotionally scarred.

I worked as a temporary legal secretary while continuing my education at Wayne State University in Detroit. I would get off the elevator and I could tell you right then whether I was going to last the whole day or leave before the coffee break. When law firms need temps, it’s because no one can stand the job. Which means the lawyers are hard to work with and for and a temp won’t fare any better than a full-time employee.

Can I remember the day I crossed the divide? Yes. I can remember getting “it” all at once in a rush of feeling. I felt at home, safe, grateful, loved and loving. I felt compassion for the whole world-confusion. I felt explained. That is an odd way to put it, but I needed to be explained to myself. I needed to know why I was born with “the gift” and no one else in my family had it. I did laugh though, because my mother and father, upon learning that I worked as a psychic, decided they were both psychic too. They were, they just would never have admitted it to me.

Going home. That’s what crossing the great divide is like. Going home, being with the Lord, living from the inside out. Set sail, you’ll be amazed and awed.