Supper Tonight

Starting out with my New Year’s Resolution of eating healthier and better food, I have to cook something. No more reheating of breaded previously fried things or pizza things with pepperoni all over them. No. Tonight, it’s a meal with veggies in the starring role.

I will admit it is not a difficult meal. I have to boil a large pot of water. I have to put a palm full of salt in that water. I have to stick Nidi pasta in that pot and then some broccoli I’ve blanched and frozen.

I then drain all of that lovely stuff, put it back in the pan and swill Bove’s Alfredo sauce all over it. If you have not yet tried Bove’s anything, please do. Mark Bove is a magician in the kitchen. He has a restaurant in Burlington, Vermont (that’s amazing because who the hell leaves their homes in the winter in Burlington? It’s awful way up there!) and I was fortunate that some lady at the grocery store saw me looking at sauces and recommended his. I tried it, I loved it and I’ve been buying it ever since. I am miffed that Hannaford is no longer carrying his frozen lasagna for some reason. It was the best and only took 45 minutes to cook (if you were smart enough to thaw it out).

We’ll eat well tonight. And tomorrow, if I can face leftovers. Sometimes I can, sometimes I can’t. Depends on how much work I feel like doing at 4:30 tomorrow afternoon. We eat early here.