So I Didn’t Start on the KAL

I did get the yarn wound up. I had an enormous amount of trouble with the hot pink yarn. It was all tangled up. I think it was tied only in one place and it was a mess. It took me forever. I saved Sin for another day since I won’t need it for a while.

I started the shawl but couldn’t get the stitches right so I stopped. I was exhausted and just needed to knit something I knew what I was doing. I will try again tonight with my Signature Needle Arts needle, after I screw the damn thing together tightly, AGAIN.

Today is the day we put the sewing room back together. It is daunting and DS decided that 9 am was too early for him to be awake. Hello? What a sloth!!!!!!

I’m going to have to wash all the fabrics that weren’t protected by plastic because in 2012 I bought some fiber to spin and it came with carpet beetles. I didn’t have them before that. So hot water will be applied – even to my silk fabrics – and then plastic bags will be the storage decision of choice.

I’m doing Spoonflower’s 12 Days of Design – just what I need – something else to do?????????? It’s okay. I have Photoshop and will travel. I am looking forward to learning how to design. I’ve tried to get my designer son interested in designing fabric, but no, he’s not going to do it, so I’ll have to.

I set up a mood board on Pinterest so I can save some inspiration for fabric designs. Odd how a lot of them are rooms. Seems I’m into living spaces these days.

Speaking of which, the sewing studio is now organized. I seem to have lost the clamp for my light though. I have no clue where it went. I hope it shows up soon because I need it. Until then, the Ott light will do or I might steal one from another room …………..

Off to take a nap and read some Agatha Christie. I’ll knit later. Much later.