Plain Vanilla

I’ve written about the extreme level of hate flying around in the world-confusion these days. It’s getting worse by the minute. There is little civil discourse that doesn’t result in receiving a message of some sort on social media to the fact that you’re a fucking asshole and shut up.

I’m tired of it. Enough with the kvetching all the time about other people’s opinions. The definition of opinion is:

  1. a  :  a view, judgment, or appraisal formed in the mind about a particular matterb  :  approvalesteem

  2. 2a  :  belief stronger than impression and less strong than positive knowledgeb  :  a generally held view

  3. 3a  :  a formal expression of judgment or advice by an expertb  :  the formal expression (as by a judge, court, or referee) of the legal reasons and principles upon which a legal decision is based

 And now let’s define political correctness

Definition of politically correct

  1. :  conforming to a belief that language and practices which could offend political sensibilities (as in matters of sex or race) should be eliminated

 And now let’s define Plain Vanilla

Definition of plain–vanilla

lacking special features or qualities.

I have always fought conforming to anyone else’s ideas of what a “normal” person should think, do or how they should act. I did not participate in the high school habit of trying desperately to be In with the In Crowd. That was grand because they ended up working as waitresses and carrying around enormous hangovers and drug habits.

I didn’t participate in any marches in the 1960s. I was young and not socially aware. I wouldn’t have gone anyway because I hate crowds. Crowds make my skin crawl. I won’t shop at Wal-Mart, Family Dollar, or any other big box store. I don’t go to Sam’s Club or Costco. I hate those places.

When I was working as a psychic, I didn’t hide it. I didn’t try to “fit in” with normal people. Normal people bore me to tears. I hung out with people who did things, not talk about them.

And here we are in the year of our Lord 2017 and what’s going on? Every person who makes a comment about the Left or the Right gets comments, emails, tweets, etc. about how fucking ignorant they are. Nobody is fucking ignorant, except those responding to someone else’s opinion as if that human being is lacking in some way. Those are the people who are fucking ignorant.

As I quote in my book, Finding Truth –

A wise Holy Man said:

“If your house is on fire, the most urgent thing to do is to go back and try to put out the fire, not to run after the person you believe to be the arsonist. If you run after the person you suspect has burned your house, your house will burn down while you are chasing him or her. That is not wise. You must go back and put out the fire. So when you are angry, if you continue to interact with or argue with the other person, if you try to punish her, you are acting exactly like someone who runs after the arsonist while everything goes up in flames.” 

Thich Nhat Hanh, Anger

So stop getting angry when someone doesn’t agree with your idea of how they should think. It is their opinion. Everyone has the right to have opinions. I have a great friend here on WordPress, who writes Rethinking Life – we agree about everything except politics and yet, she is my friend. I honor her, I love her and I listen to her. You never know, I might decide she’s right and I’m wrong. It can happen.

If we all agreed about everything all the time then our world-confusion would not be a world-confusion. It would be a world not worth living in and not worth thinking about.