“If you permit your thoughts to dwell on evil you yourself will become ugly. Look only for the good in everything so you absorb the quality of beauty.” 
― Paramahansa Yogananda

Look for the good in everything is a phrase we’ve heard expressed in different manners. Treat others as you would have them treat you, look on the bright side, see the glass half-full not half-empty, be optimistic, not pessimistic, fight cynicism, love more, hate less.

Vashistha gave us a way to look at the world which is particularly apt in today’s world.

“This world-appearance is a confusion: even as the blueness of the sky is an optical illusion. I think it is better not to let the mind dwell on it, but to ignore it. (1.3.2)” 

Swami Venkatesananda, Vasistha’s Yoga

Better to ignore it, if only we could. Since we’re blasted with negative thoughts from the moment we arise in the morning until we fall into a restless sleep at night, ignoring this is hard to do. Right now in America we are in the midst of an incipient Civil War. Again. Not over slavery this time,  but not much different. We are divided by our political beliefs, our ideology and our goals.

I’ve stated before that I’m a conservative. I haven’t always been so. I was raised by parents who survived The Great Depression and worshipped the ground beneath FDR’s wheelchair. They became life-long rabid Democrats because he helped them when they needed it the most. The word Republican was never spoken in my home without the word “damn” in front of it. I was a Democrat until 1992, when Slick Willy ran for office. I couldn’t get into him. Still can’t.

And now? I didn’t spend a lot of time watching the on and on and on of the presidential election. Why do we put ourselves through two years of campaigning? The Canadians do it in 30 days and then vote. We could do that! Thirty days are enough – two years is puke-making.

This year I had a lot of trouble getting behind anyone. I’m behind the president-elect now, because he is the president-elect. I even gave Barack Obama a chance. Not that he took it, but I did give it to him.

I made the mistake of agreeing to have a sign for a state senator running for re-election in my front yard. Four times on election day, members of the Democratic Party rang my doorbell and wanted to know if I needed help going to vote. Good God. I don’t like when people ring my doorbell. If you come here uninvited, you will not have a warm welcome. I’m busy. And putting my knitting down to get the door pisses me off.

I finally told the last group – one of whom was a rude child of about 20 – that I am not a Democrat, that I had voted and now they needed to leave me alone. Miss Smarmy popped up and said they didn’t care how I voted, just whether or not I had. None of your business, basically.

So the world-confusion got me on Election Day. I love watching election returns so I turned it on at 6 and prepared to be amused and disappointed. I figured, like everyone else, HRC was going to win and win big. Hmm. It didn’t go like that, did it? First the exit polls were in her favor. Which Trump supporter was going to answer questions about how and why they voted. Trump supporters took a low profile, especially after the Deplorables comment. Not wanting to be thought deplorable, they stayed away from the reporters.

I watched as Trump won several states. Hillary’s hadn’t come in yet. Then he won Wisconsin. For some reason this surprised the pundits even though Hillary didn’t go there to campaign. She thought she had it sewed up. Then I saw North Carolina go to Trump. Hillary won Nevada. Then Trump took Florida, then Ohio ……… it was looking mighty different from what was expected. I started to get excited. I didn’t know if I wanted Trump to win but I was certain that I didn’t want HRC to win.

I caved and went to bed at midnight. I didn’t see the results until the next morning. My son had been on the side of HRC in the beginning. I told him I thought Trump won. He said he had. He wasn’t upset. He said people wanted change, they weren’t going to vote another Democrat in office. He was the only one I knew who didn’t go ballistic and start screaming.

So I think about the divided country we live in now, and I see strife and fighting and loose comments like Democrats wishing our leader killed or dead. This would have brought down all sorts of problems on the head of anyone wishing that on Barack Obama. I’m sure the Secret Service is looking into any overt threats and covert ones. But they shouldn’t be a part of a discussion, not now, not so far away from the election results.

Yesterday I saw a post on Facebook by someone I followed. It was pretty disgusting. Full of ire and dislike and hate toward the supports of the president-elect. I saw agreement for the one person in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir dropping out. I couldn’t take it – I posted asking them to get over it, please. I got a response from some woman I don’t even follow who isn’t a “friend” and I suppose she was forwarded my post. I have no idea. Anyway she said that since the Russians hacked our elections we should all be concerned and the only one not concerned was Trump and maybe he should “get over it” which is a phrase I’d used in my post. I laughed and wrote a reply. Then I blocked the bitch. See, world-confusion, here I am!!!!!!! I can still fight – I am not dead – I will not continue to listen to this crap. Does no one remember Barack Obama sending $300K and a team of his workers to Israel to defeat Netanyahu? Please. Interfering in elections? Barack Obama is from Chicago. I’m from downstate Illinois, Champaign to be exact. Chicago invented interfering in elections!

The election of Joh Kennedy in 1960 was won because of suspicious votes in Cook County. Nixon could have fought it, but he chose not to saying that the country needed to be done with it and to start coming together again. Which is what Trump said on election night, what Obama said the day after. Obviously only one of them meant it.

If this does not stop, if those “celebrities” (how do you get to be a celebrity when you state publicly you wish you had an abortion?) the ones who advocated that the Electoral College should ignore the results of the votes of the American people, the people who blather on and on about HRC winning the popular vote (in California!) and the Russians who “hacked” our election, of which there is no evidence at all. Hacking means they got into computers and changed the outcome. Trying to influence an election means sending $300K to Israel to try to defeat Netanyahu. Did anyone do that? I’ve not heard if they have.

We already hate each other. I can’t stomach the liberals and they sure as shit can’t stomach me. That’s fine – I don’t care. I am tired of the constant hate though. We can live a better way. The first thing that needs to happen is to accept what is and what’s real. It is real that Donald Trump will be inaugurated on January 20. It is real that he will be the President of the United States. Hillary didn’t win. It is not real to suppose that she would have if Vladimir Putin had only not interfered. Obama interfered in the election. He had the office for 8 years. He was the worst president in our history. There’s the interference. Like him if you will, but recognize we are worse off now than we were 8 years ago. People are out of work, not counted as unemployed any longer, they’ve just given up looking. The jobs that are full are part-time, companies won’t hire because of the Obamacare requirements. We have a stalled economy with no or little growth, we have illegal immigration in this country that is viewed as A-okay by a lot of Democrats. It is not A-okay. It is illegal. My late husband immigrated to this country after World War II. He was 11. He became a naturalized citizen as soon as he could, the age of 18. He immigrated legally. He worked like a dog from the minute he got here until he died. He followed the Constitution, he cared about this  country.

My ancestors landed on these shores from England, Ireland and Germany. The other side of my ancestors were already here, being Native Americans. But when my ancestors came, they became part of this country and they loved it as their own natural-born country.

Let’s chill on the hate. I won’t hate you if you don’t hate me. We can disagree. We don’t need to sent nasty messages on social media just because we think differently from one another. We can be civilized. I think.