January 1, 2017

Here it is – a brand new year. I have plans for this new year. It’s going to be a humdinger.

There will be cloth dyed, art quilts made, learning stitches done, trips taken, yarn knitted, yarn bought, an art studio completed, and happiness continued.

Yesterday, while everyone else was resting for a hot night out, my son and I were moving. We moved my bedroom to my sewing room. That doesn’t sound too bad put like that. The sheer amount of stuff crammed into a room that’s 10 x 12 was amazing. A lot of it should go in File 13, but since I don’t want to do that I will save that project for another week.

We managed to empty the sewing room in an hour, putting some stuff in the old bedroom and then spreading out into the hallway because the room was getting full and we had to get the king-size bed out. Well, that king-size bed decided to be a problem.

It was too high and too wide to go through the doorway. We fussed with it and took off one set of legs. Still too high, still too wide. After much head scratching, my son told me it just wasn’t going to work. Well there isn’t room to keep a bed in the sewing room, which would defeat the whole point of that exercise. So I got busy with a screwdriver and we figured out we had to take it all apart. In pieces.

That done I was told to take a long break while he put it back together in the new bedroom. I cooked supper. We ate it and then he put the box spring on the bed and we put the mattress down. Then we made the bed. Then we stopped for the day.

Today’s plans include organizing the new sewing room, which is twice the size of the old one. It will be so nice not to have 8″ between my sewing table and the ironing board. And nice not to have my dressform right behind me so I can’t move. And nice not to have everything jumbled up on the shelves like a tinker’s cart.

We’ll see how long I last today. I stayed up to see 2017 come in. Unusual for me as I’m usually in bed by 10 or earlier. So I may go splat early today.

Then there’s the excitement of the downstairs art studio to work on. I dye cloth in my kitchen which isn’t the most ideal place. I still will have to use the kitchen, even with the art studio, but I will be able to work on surface design in the studio and just rinse fabrics in the kitchen. Instead of getting a home equity loan, which isn’t at all a good idea, I’m going to buy a few things at a time for the studio. I need a table or two, storage for the dyes and yarn and a floor covering would be nice so my studio wood floor doesn’t end up blue like the kitchen floor.

Exciting times ……….. staying out of the world-confusion, not paying attention to all the uproar going on now, keeping it Mindful and real. I do wish there wasn’t so much hate in the world-confusion. It’s there because there’s too much hate in us. Maybe we could all learn to love more? Not a bad resolution for 2017.