Hopeful Resolutions Version 2017

via Daily Prompt: Hopeful

It’s the last day of 2016. For once I can say I’m not all that super happy to see this year go. This year, unlike the ones from 2000 until 2015, hasn’t been what I call “bad”.

At the end of 2007 I thought we were on our way up, out of the doldrums of living in a place where the natives hated us. We were “back home” and that was positive. Unfortunately oil prices went to $5 a gallon and since we used oil to heat almost exclusively, my oil bill “budget” was $480 a month. Never mind that I didn’t have an extra $480 a month.

At the end of 2010, I stayed up late to see it go out. It was a horrible year with my husband starting to get sick and me working a job I hated, talking to customers of a major cellphone company about their bills all day long. They were nasty people and I was supposed to be sweet and cheerful while I explained to them they talked on their phones more than what they were supposed to. I got cussed out a lot. I couldn’t cuss back. Well, I could, but the supervisors, all of whom hated my guts because I was older than them by at least a generation, sat and waited to pounce on me, hoping to get me out of there. I got out of there in 2011. I cussed on an open mic one night at 5:00 when a customer called (I still remember his name) and when I asked “how may I help you” he said “you can tell me why the f*** my bill is so high”.  I was told that my reaction was in need of discipline and that human resources would decide my fate. I went home that day and never went back. Screw human resources AND the supervisors.

I was glad to see 2011 go too. Then 2012, when my husband got even worse and I was told to start looking for long-term care. Then 2013 when I found long term care but my husband hated being there and I hated seeing him there. And then 2014 when he died. Not good years, those.

This year I took a year off from blogging. I wasn’t running out of things to write about, I just knew it would be a nasty year with the Presidential Election going on and on and on and most people being liberal and me not. I must be the only conservative artist psychic knitter fabric dyer in the world. I could not write about politics and I knew I would get loads of negative comments. I wrote about feminism once and was told by a lovely young woman who I had no right to do that because I was a knitter????? Excuse me. I was a feminist when they were just eggs lying around waiting for the sperm that would unfortunately fertilize them. See what I mean? No patience at all.


I’m hopeful about 2017. I will say I didn’t get excited about the election but if I had, I surely wouldn’t have gotten excited about Hillary. Especially since her husband’s lying under oath while president, and especially since I left the US precisely because of that. I figured a country that could tolerate that person as president wasn’t worth staying in. However, I didn’t know how awfully weird Canada was compared to the US. Like no trade agreements so everything had to be taxed, no high-speed internet, 28K dial-up, people who hated your guts just because you’re American, answering the question “Where are you from” 8 million times a day, listening to checkout clerks at a grocery store commiserate that “rich” Americans shouldn’t come to their Island and buy property or live …………. it was horrible.

2017 is the year that conservatives, at least Republicans, get their own back. We won’t have to listen to speeches apologizing for being the greatest country on earth. We won’t have to watch our president bow to kings. We won’t have to listen to lectures on terrorism being not radical Islamic terror, we won’t have to listen to excuses for illegal immigration. We won’t have to sit still and watch our enemies and our allies gasp when a policy or a speech is made that runs counter to what we’ve always stood for and still do.

President-Elect Trump will not be uncontroversial, he will always get the back up of every liberal in the country. He will be vilified, like when a misguided “journalist” suggested he was f*ing his daughter. That was a sweet one, huh?

But he’ll do things. He’ll face our enemies and our allies and know which is which. He’ll take care of Iran. The nuclear “deal” will be done. Health insurance might actually be affordable care under him.

And Hillary crawled back under her rock, defeated, along with her husband, the sexual predator. If I had been married to a man like that, I would have left the first time he couldn’t keep his pants on. I wouldn’t still be there 41 years later. I wouldn’t take his crap and excuse him because he’s “family”.

I digress. I have some hopeful resolutions for 2017. Most have to do with my work, as I’m in a place of complete peace and enjoyment of every moment.

  1. Plan knitting projects centered around what clothing I need to add to my wardrobe.
  2. Learn complex knitting patterns, not just those that are easy for me.
  3. Get a new sewing machine as the one I got in March is horrible and now it is broken. They want me to pay to send it to be fixed. No.
  4. Dye cloth every week.
  5. Learn to embroider and otherwise embellish the cloth after I have cut it up and put it back together.
  6. Find ways to make art that do not involve quilting.
  7. Vacuum floors or find a house cleaner who works cheap.
  8. Get money in that savings account I’m always going on about and don’t have.
  9. Travel, even if it is to places like Boston and not Paris, where I’d rather be.
  10. Be compassionate to every living and insentient being.
  11. Do not get hooked into the world-confusion but stay on my spiritual path and ignore the world-confusion.
  12. Finish reading Vashistha’s Yoga for the 5th time.
  13. Read everything I can get my hands on and all the books Robert Thibodeau recommended in 2014 and which I have in my bookshelf.
  14. Recognize the infinite consciousness in everyone, not just like-minded people.
  15. Refuse to be angry, knowing that my anger must be treated like a baby and loved until it grows into love.
  16. Stay away from toxic people who drain me of energy.
  17. Read more, think less.
  18. Work every day for Sri Lord Krishna and not for myself.
  19. Live mindfully.
  20. Help the poor and give more.
  21. Walk on the Earth, recognizing the connection to the source of Energy.
  22. Stop eating sugar all the time. Get back on a kapha centered diet and stay there.

That’s enough resolutions to be going on with for this year. I’m sure they’ll all fall by the wayside. I give myself until my birthday. Since it’s next week, these things shouldn’t trouble me long.