Years ago, in the midst of making quilts and showing them at quilt shows in Michigan, my quilt shop owner friend told me that none of my pieces were recognizable as “mine” because I didn’t have a theme, I wasn’t working around one style but exploring all that I could.


The woman that ran the quilt shows I participated in, Merry J. Silber, said she could see that they were mine. She was a love and a half. In her late 70s when I met her, she was vibrant, energetic and fun to be around. The shows were always well attended and laid out in a beautiful manner. It’s a lot of work arranging a show, hanging quilts, putting up the credits of the artists.

I used to become angry with my quilt shop owner friend – she had a particularly uncontrollable mouth – usually she just said what she was thinking without a filter on it at all. That’s probably why I like her so much too but Lord she used to piss me off. Sometimes for months I would skip the shop and just stay home.

I get what she was saying now. And I agree with her, it’s time now to focus on one theme and not scatter myself all over the map. There are infinite numbers of shapes to use in quilting, infinite numbers of styles. Since I will only use my hand-dyed fabrics, there are still an infinite number of colors to use too.

I thought about this over the last few days and decided that I will concentrate on quilts with 2″ squares. Yesterday I cut up some of my December 25th dyed fabric along with some of the more densely woven fabrics I’d dyed a month or so ago. I have a few squares left to cut and then I can lay them out and put them back together!

We’re looking at a storm for this afternoon into tomorrow afternoon. It’s out to the grocery store for the whole population of Bangor and surrounding towns. That’s 150,000 people at the grocery store. And it feels like it. Luckily my store has a service called Hannaford To Go so I just order them and 4 hours later, we go pay and pick them up. Much easier than fighting the idiotic bread and milk shoppers!

2016 is heading out the door. It’s been a wonderful year for me. In a few days I’ll have a milestone birthday and I’m looking forward to it. The older I get, the more I like getting older. I love not having to get up and go to work at a job I hate. That is such a blessing.

It is so sad that Debbie Reynolds died a day after her daughter, Carrie Fisher. I imagine she was on the edge anyway and the death of a child pushed her over. I loved watching her in old movies when I was in my teens. She was a great entertainer. I remember the time Eddie Fisher left her for Elizabeth Taylor and my parents commenting on it. I was too young to know what was going on, but I knew my parents didn’t like it.

I was too old to get into Star Wars but my son loves it beyond all else. He has all the ones made by George Lucas but he won’t even watch the new ones put out by Disney.

Wishing you love, compassion and happiness as we close out the year. Stay present!