Get Creative

On Christmas Day I dyed the fabric I’d recently purchased. This is a more loosely woven fabric than I had been using. I switched because trying to needle through that cotton poplin I had was difficult. Even quilting by machine, I struggled with it. I think it’s not going to matter because the results on the densely woven fabric versus the loosely woven fabric are extreme.

Here’s a couple of examples


Densely Woven Fabric

Loosely Woven Fabric

See the difference? Both are acceptable in their own way. The loosely woven fabric shows more muted color, not as intense, while the densely woven fabrics are in your face BRIGHT.

The results are forcing me to rethink buying anymore loosely woven fabric and just sticking with the one that takes the dye and pops. I will have to get creative and figure out how to get the resulting work quilted or else skip the quilting and do something else with it. I could just turn the dense fabric into a collage without quilting. But you see, I’m a quilter. Sigh. I automatically look at fabric and see it cut up into shapes. Squares usually, I’m a square loving quilter.

As they say, necessity is the Mother of invention. I’ll be inventing my next step because I just can’t live without the results in the first picture of fabrics.

On the knitting front, my friend and I did the ribbing on Painted Desert and then decided to give the pattern a miss. Her poncho was turning out small – she called it tiny. I looked at the project pages for the pattern and most of them were not as large as I would like. In Maine, you want a poncho to cover quite a bit.

I’m relieved because I still have Outline and Penguono on the needles and a KAL for Find Your Fade starts January 1. Here are my color choices.

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And here’s the pattern I’ll be making 5_medium2Copyright Andrea Mowry

I’m drawn to both of them and I cannot decide. I might have to make both! ARG.

The yarn I won from Sara in Iowa (@sjbc on Instagram) and dyed by Chantal of Mudpunch yarns  (@mudpunch on Instagram) arrived yesterday. The yarn is merino and cashmere! It is so beautiful.The gray is deep, the off white looks like whipped cream and the turquoise is vibrant.


And my pattern choice for this! It is Jujuy by Joji Locatelli, one of my top favorite designers.

© Rafael Delceggio

I must say these colors are perfect for Joji’s design.

Have a happy and amazing day. I’m going to be preparing for weathah here in Maine. Seems a bomb of some sort is going to land tomorrow and tomorrow night. I just hope the forecast is hyped as usual. I need food and I’m not heading to the grocery store before a major storm. After the storm I’ll do my favorite thing of ordering my groceries for pick-up. They shop, we go get them, it costs $5. And that’s money well spent to stay out of the store!