No Confusion

“This world-appearance is a confusion: even as the blueness of the sky is an optical illusion. I think it is better not to let the mind dwell on it, but to ignore it. (1.3.2)” 

Swami Venkatesananda, Vasistha’s Yoga

I love this quote. It makes me laugh out loud. I think it’s better to ignore it too and I do.

I got hungry earlier and started foraging through the kitchen. Usually if it doesn’t have sugar in it, I don’t want it for breakfast. Hmm. Out of cereal. Check. Out of coffee cake made yesterday. Check.

Well then I thought I’d have a sandwich. Out of cheese. Check. Seems I might need to visit the grocery store.

Another problem with a sandwich was the complete lack of bread. I can deal with that. I whipped my bread bowl off the baker’s rack, got the yeast, the flour and poured out 6 cups of water into a bowl. Then I grabbed my Tassajara Bread Book off my kitchen bookshelf and dug in. To those of you who have never seen this book, buy it if you are at all into bread baking. I don’t mean sticking stuff in a machine, I mean real bread baking. I do it with my hands, including the kneading. What could be more satisfying while ignoring the world-confusion than punching the hell out of a 7 lb piece of dough?

Tassajara bread all starts with a sponge. Pictures here –


When it’s done, it looks like this


I want it to be done. I’m hungry, there’s 3 sticks of butter just sitting in the fridge doing nothing and I need to eat something.

I finished pressing the dyed pieces from Christmas Day. The day I dumped Turquoise Dye all over my floor. The floor’s fine. Just tinged a bit blue. Here’s how the fabrics turned out!

I’m pleased with these. They’re going to be manipulated, cut into, oil pastels smeared on them, maybe embroidered if I can find a decent reference AND quilted because this fabric is not to dense to get a needle through – even by hand.

All in all a good few days work. Now if only the bread were done ……..