This morning, after gulping down 3 cups of coffee, I started rinsing the dyed fabric. This is a big job, almost as big as dyeing them in the first place.

It took me 45 minutes to get as much dye as I could out of 6 yards of cloth. Dyeing fabric in containers by sprinkling the dye over the cloth and saturating it with soda ash water isn’t the same as dyeing yarn in a kettle. When I’m doing yarn, all the dye exhausts into the yarn so I have little or no color left to rinse out.

I haven’t pressed them yet and I will show pictures once I finish that step. The colors I chose were these:

  • Primary – Turquoise, Lemon Yellow, Fuchsia
  • Spiritual – Turquoise, Fuchsia, Sweet Pea
  • Serene – Turquoise, Parakeet, Robins Egg Blue
  • Sensual – Orange Marmalade, Turquoise, Fuchsia
  • Playful – Orange Sorbet, Wasabi, Lemon Yellow, Turquoise, Fuchsia
  • Warm and Spicy – Pomegranate, Fuchsia, Lemon Yellow, Turquoise

I loved them all. They’re bold in places. The Spiritual color way turned out beautifully. Serene is fine, just looks like a lot of my other dyed cloth. The Primary surprised me because there was little migration of the dye so I truly do have a piece of fabric that looks painted.

Time enough tomorrow to see what these want to become. I’m binge watching Downtown Abbey tonight, starting on this,


And I need to pay attention. My color scheme for Painted Desert has changed. I found 16 colors of yarn to use that are already wound and ready to go. I couldn’t face winding up 16 skeins of yarn this morning. My new color scheme is this,

Painted Desert

Colors 1 and 2 – lighter than color 3

25 yds (1) 75 yds (2)

1 25 yds Rapunzel

2 75 yds Cider Mill

3 through 7

5 main colors close in hue/shade from light to dark

3 125 yds aperitif

4 225 yds Brulee

5 250 yds Single Malt

6 250 yds Leaf Peepers

7 175 yds Rose City Mule

Darker than color 7 (or as dark)

8 75 yds Jameson’s Ultra Shael

9 25 yds Mighty Mac

5 colors for stranded work in similar or complementary hue to main colors – wide range of values – numbered from light to dark

10 75 yds Honey Wilkes

11 125 yds CC Bloom

12 25 yds  Campari

13 125 yds Waders

14 75 yds On Holiday

These are all colors in The Plucky Knitter yarn. I’m using primarily fingering weights with a couple of sport weight thrown in for good measure. We shall see if I can pay attention!