The Imaginary Art Studio

Oh yes that imaginary Art Studio that I wrote about A YEAR AGO still hasn’t materialized. I needed a table or two, some covering for the hardwood floor (!) a sink would be nice but it’s not gonna happen unless I win the lottery or drill a hole in my floor and bring up the water right underneath the room. Plus I need a storage cabinet (make that six), a desk to sit at because I am old. I need to sit. I have knees.

Today I did that little number you see in the picture. Takes flipping forever because my house is a pigsty and I cooked a huge dinner yesterday and crap was all over the kitchen island. I moved it to the counters. I put out the plastic and then I decided on the plan of action.

I have a Pantone book my son had in graphic design college. I used that for color combos I wanted. Then I got the dyes out of the cupboard after soaking the cloth for about an hour in water and a cup of soda ash.

Well I did two containers and I was just doing the third when I dropped an 8 oz. jar of Turquoise dye powder on my floor. My wooden floor that is 101 years old. It was amazing trying to get it up. A lot was on the plastic and I scraped that back into the jar. It had been about half full. Then I mopped about 16 times. I just found out that my garbage can has turquoise dye on the bottom and wherever I move it, the dye moves with it. I’m not moving it.

I finished up the 4 other fabrics. Then I dropped some Fuchsia because the lid wasn’t on it tight. Not as bad as the Turquoise but bad enough. More mopping ensued while I cussed like a sailor on a three-week drunk. I have a foul mouth – my mother would have told you so.

I cleaned up. I changed out of my clothes. I found out I had dye on my hand knit socks. OK they’re dyeing socks now. I am exhausted.

I can do nothing else today. The kid cleaned up the kitchen and did all the left over dishes from last night. I’m thinking it’s time to replace the dishwasher. It’s only been broken for 3 years. I think, could be 4. Not a big priority but I am sick of dishes in the drain board.

The art studio is behind me as I sit here in the dining room typing this. It has an infrared fireplace heater in it. It has a 5 foot long Rubbermaid tub in it that stores yarn. It has three tote bags full of good yarn, more good yarn in plastic bags and yet more good yarn.

There is no table, no sink, no chair, no storage cupboard and no protection for THAT wooden floor.

I’m contemplating having my floor painted in the kitchen. Sounds like a plan. I’ll see how blue it is later. It’s a good thing my kitchen is blue. It’s Martha Steward blue called Enamel. I started painting it in 2010 and I’m not done yet. Might get to it by 2020. If I live that long ……….. Merry Christmas! I need Elves …………….