I Won Yarn!!!!!!!!

You can see it! My username on Instagram as the winner of three skeins of lovely Mudpunch’s yarn! Sara, a fellow Plucky Knitter, held a giveaway in the spirit of not only cleaning her stash, but making someone else happy.


She made me happy! I don’t win much. I used to win the lottery a lot when I was working as a psychic, but I haven’t won much since.

Imagine my surprise as I was scrolling down my IG feed and I saw that I was the winner of these three skeins of yarn! All we had to do was comment on her post about our favorite knit. Mine was the sweater I made for my son, and because he loves it so much. I can’t tell you how many times he’s thanked me for that sweater. I know he wants more, and more he shall have. I will need to find a new pattern for him though, because I just can’t repeat a pattern. I need something new to work on!


This picture was taken before I wove in the ends. That’s why there’s yarn hanging off of it. It took me forever to block too. I had to wait for Wool Soap I ordered from Quince and Co. to arrive and then, it took forever to dry in a cold room on towels. I have to find a better way to block. Maybe I’ll splurge and get some blocking boards? I’m always hesitant to buy tools I need because it takes away money for yarn, and yarn is everything.

The colors of the yarn I won are exactly what I need. I am going to start Painted Desert as a knit-along with a friend soon. I had purchased some yarn on destash at a ridiculously low price. I asked for neutrals, grays, blue-greens and browns. I have many choices now. Here are some of them


These don’t include the grays and I have lots of grays. I’m not sure about the two lightest colors and think I may take them out. Also the same with the two bright reds. Out of the browns I received yesterday, these are the two I like the most.


And this one!


I am a big fan of brown with aqua and aqua with orange-leaning colors. I once had an antique African-American quilt that was red and dark turquoise. That’s another one I wish I had never sold, but all of those I sold are ones I wish I’d never sold. Being a quilt dealer meant selling quilts. I should just have been a quilt collector and left it at that.

I’m not sure how the grays will fit in around my concept of aqua and brown but here’s another set of colors that shows my idea better.


This is heavier on the gold browns and not as heavy on the aqua, but I can make it work. I already have Brûlée, Cider Mill, Honey Wilkes which is close to Dandy Lion in hue, and On Holiday which will sub in for the greens. The only ones I need are Bohemian Blue and Skies of November. I already have Thank You Note in my aqua group.

So you can see, my yarn win will give me a nice neutral white and a beautifully bright aqua! I am so thankful to Sara for doing this. She made someone’s Christmas exciting – and that someone is me.