Painted Desert


This poncho (photo and design by Carol Sunday of  Sunday Knits has been on my list of patterns to do since the late summer of 2015. Notice how quickly I get to my queue!

One of the main reasons I haven’t started this yet is because of the pretty little flowers and stars. See those are color work. Color work means you have to knit first one color, then the other. Sometimes one right after the other in a row.

I started knitting in the winter of 2012. My first sweater was thrown in the trash sometime in 2013. My second sweater followed quickly. I tried to do a test knit for a designer and I couldn’t even do a rib stitch. She wanted it done in two weeks!!!!!!!! I got nowhere.

I chose my patterns based on complete desire. This one, also from Carol Sunday is in my library, purchased and ready to go.


This one is Santa Fe and it comes in several different kits, all with different colors. This is the Earth and Sky color way. I think I like these colors the best but you can see them all here Sunday Knits Santa Fe. I bought the pattern a couple of years ago and thought about collecting yarn from The Plucky Knitter for it. There are 16 different colors in this one and I had little stash of The Plucky Knitter yarn. I couldn’t see myself buying 16 skeins. I mean I couldn’t afford it. However, that has changed.

This past summer I collected partials from other Plucky Knitters and made my Lamina.


It was a fun knit and I love the way it turned out. I didn’t use anywhere near all my partials and complete skeins I’d purchased though. Some of them will be used for Painted Desert and some will be saved for Santa Fe.

Of course I may just buy the kit for Santa Fe, soon as I can figure out which color way I love the most. It would be much simpler than building my own Santa Fe.

I’m going to start Painted Desert in January. I would say December but oops December is almost gone and I have Penguono and Outline on my needles. Not to mention the embroidery I’m doing on my dyed fabrics. And then there’s all that yarn winding I need to do and I’m starting Find Your Fade by Andrea Mowry on January 1, 2017 as part of the KAL she’s having for this shawl. Yarn winding for this much commence soon.

Since I’m doing Painted Desert at the same time, I have to plan out the colors. The one shown in the picture also comes in a kit but I now have enough yarn in my stash to plot one out.

Yesterday I went on Pic Monkey and made a collage of the colors I have to work with at this time. Here it is.


The reds and deep corals will be in the color work part while the main part of the poncho will be aqua, neutrals and maybe a few grays. I have more yarn coming (surprise!) in brown color ways today. I’m anxious to see if any of them are copper-like browns to play off the aquas. If not, Brûlée and Aperitif, both of which I have almost full skeins in, will do nicely for some of the browns and my partials will fill in the others.

My first collage for Painted Desert is this one.


As you can see, I have a lot of different aqua-leaning colors and no green. I can change that as I do have this in my stash.


And I could add in these.


I’m not in possession of Bohemian Blue. I love that color way. After Christmas I think I’m going to put out a call for it on the Plucky Boards to see if anyone has some they’d like to sell. I think I need Bohemian Blue!

The first collage has too much red in it for me. Hmm. We’ll see what happens when the browns arrive today. Then I can plot with the colors in hand!

It’s two days before Christmas!!!!!!!! And The Plucky Knitter just announced the dates for Shindig 2017! Shindig, for those of you unlucky enough not to know, is a weekend gathering of Plucky Knitters (there are over 12,000 of us so we don’t all go) that includes dinners, a fashion show, a marketplace where we can see The Plucky Knitter yarns in PERSON, knitting in the hotel lobby at night in our pajamas and general merriment when knitters get together. Last fall it was on Bainbridge Island, WA at Islandwood. It looked like a marvelous time but it was too far for me, seeing as I’m on the completely opposite Coast. But in 2017 it’s back in Michigan! Having lived in Michigan for 16 years, I still think of it as home. I am going to plan on going in 2017 and am starting to check out airfares now. I also will need hundreds of dollars for the marketplace. I don’t intend to come back without having way too much yarn in my luggage. Maybe they can ship some ……… I think we can box it up and have it shipped back from the hotel. Ah. Between now and May 26th I’m going to be pinching pennies! I cannot wait.

Have a wonderful day and amazing holiday. If you need me, I will be chained to the ball winder and swift. Sigh. It looks like this.