This fabric makes me deliriously happy. Look at the colors! This was done by placing a piece of cloth in a container and then sprinkling the dye over it. Then, instead of pouring soda ash water over the dye, I sprayed it on with a spray bottle. Then I had to flip the cloth over and do it all again.

The result is that the colors aren’t muddied together like in this piece,


This one has some uses too and I will still do the pour over method from time to time, but for now the results I got from the spray bottle are the way to go.

I decided to skip the oil pastel application until after I embroidered the piece. That made sense to me because whoa did I get messy with the oil pastel fabric! My hands were all sorts of colors, the beige sweater accident occurred and let’s just say I’d better think out the steps first! It’s also easier to needle through the cloth.

I got several books on embroidery from Amazon Kindle Unlimited. Imagine an embroidery how to book with no illustrations. Hmm. Kind of hard to visualize how to do the stitches without an illustration. I gave up, returned all of the books and went on-line. Should have done that first because I found a couple of sites. One was recommended by a member of the Creative Strength Collective, a group started by Jane Dunnewold and her daughter Zenna James Duke last summer. We had a summer camp for adults on Facebook and it was inspiring. Now we’re just a group of creative people with Jane and Zenna giving us prompts to promote creativity. Awesome group and the work the members are doing is stunning.

A member of the group told me about Pintangle, an embroidery blog by Sharon Boggon and the TAST or Take a Stitch Tuesday. There Sharon gives us a new stitch every week to master and then just asks that we share it. She also has a free Stitch Dictionary on her site and various helpful aids to embroidery. I am in deep smit with this site.

Others from the group have helped also, one with her stitch catalog up on Pinterest for her grandchildren so they can see what she’s done and how to do it. I found a reference at DMC – the embroidery floss people – but not as thorough as Pintangle.

The piece in the picture above might actually get quilted when it is done. We’ll see. I put up the quilting machine and took out the cheap one that doesn’t quilt. But I’m thinking about just getting the other one out and having a go again. Never say never.

Three days until Christmas! I have no major preparations left to do except for cooking Christmas Eve Dinner. After that I just sit around and wait to get a year older. Having an after Christmas birthday means that all my holidays are done in a 10 day period. Then I have to wait until September to celebrate my son’s birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s a long time between January and September!

Merry Christmas everyone. I wish for you everything you wish for yourself and more.