Back to the Fiber


Update! I can embroider through this fabric with a sharp needle. I am also wearing a beige sweater that now has oil pastels all over it. Guess this will be my oil pastel working sweater!

Yesterday I wrote about originality. That’s what I’m going to use when using surface design techniques on these fabrics.

I started with the blue/pink one on top yesterday. I put it down on a piece of cloth to serve as a backing. Even that much machine stitching had me in trying to “fix” a machine. Different machine, same screw, same result.

After getting it on the backing, I got these out


These are oil pastels from Sennelier in Paris. I’ve been to their store and I would love to go back. Someday ………

I have various things I use as rubbing plates to get the texture in the color i want. My favorites are two placemats I purchased at The Christmas Tree Shops. One is a circular placemat with a raised ring design. It looks like a 33 rpm record. The second is a hard inflexible placemat with an open grid. The rubbings from that placemat add texture that can be overlaid by putting something else under it and rubbing it again with the pastel.

I also have rubbing plates originally sold with Shiva Paintsticks. The colors of the paintsticks are beautiful. The use is difficult because they are soft. They are oil paint in a stick which would be pliable on canvas but tends to smear on cloth. I use the oil pastels with the rubbing plates for surface design.

I’m pleased with the piece so far but it is far from finished. I’ll post pictures when it is. Next I’m going to try some embroidery on the piece although I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get an embroidery needle through the two layers of cloth – one of which is DENSE. We’ll see.

Yesterday I ordered some muslin for dyeing. I’ve had 50 yards of this and used it all. It takes dye in a different manner than the cotton poplin but you can needle through it. Here’s an example of what the dyes did on this cloth.


Still beautiful in a different way. I can’t wait to get the muslin so I can do some more dyeing. Jane Dunnewold, (the master of all things surface design and the author of Complex Cloth among other titles) is now selling Dye Paste which can be applied to cloth. This is on my wish list for my birthday and I’m sure it’s a gift I’ll be buying for myself.

Speaking of gifts, I received one yesterday from my son. You know that child (who is a grown man) is the sweetest human being alive. He bought me The Three Tenors in Concert with Zuban Meta – the original when they sang in Rome. I already have it on the iPod and I brought the Bose system I bought back in 2007 down from the sewing room so I can knit and listen. I won’t stick myself in that chair until later today. But when I do, I’m going to be ecstatic. I love Placido Domingo. I love them all, but Placido was intended for me and I’m so upset that some other woman caught him before I spotted him. Not only is he drop dead gorgeous, he can sing like an angel too. Between him and Leonard Cohen, I’d have a rough time deciding. Add in Krishna Das and I’m doomed – I would definitely have to spend a few days a week with each one of them. Sigh.

Back in the playroom today ……… results will be reported upon.