Yesterday I decided to get back into the sewing room and play with some ideas. I’m finding that I do not have the patience to machine quilt something and the fabric I’m trying to quilt through is too dense.

Necessity being the Mother of invention, I decided to place bits and pieces of fabric on a substrate or another piece of cloth. I decided to add some texture by putting polar fleece in the middle.

I received a new quilting sewing machine from my son last March. It wasn’t the one I wanted but it was the one we could afford. It has been a PIA ever since! It’s the one that can’t quilt through the cotton poplin and every time I go to use it, I have to spend time “fixing” it or doing something normal that you would do with a sewing machine but this one takes forever.

I hate finicky sewing machines – I actually hate all sewing machines. I used to make all my quilts by hand from the piecing to the quilting and they look much better. With this cotton poplin though, I can’t quilt through it with a quilting needle. The needle bends.

After getting the fabric jammed in the feed dogs of the machine and having to cut it out, I tried to get the plate off to clean the feed dogs, etc. Well crap. I could get one screw out but not the other one. And neither could my son. That screw is in there.

I have another machine that was much cheaper, sews just fine but doesn’t quilt. That’s okay – we’re gonna do something else. We’re not going to worry about quilting through these layers for now. Maybe I’ll figure out a way – maybe I won’t – but the newer machine is on the floor and would be in a corner with a dunce cap on it if I had one.

My dyed cloth is original. Obviously because it cannot be repeated. It is what it is and I have to use the amount I dyed. I put other pieces together and see what works for me. Then I have the option of adding paints, pastels, foil, beads ……… the options are endless.

Working around the issue with quilting it by machine, I’m just going to do the two-layer thing with putting pieces of the cloth down on the backing. I’ll let you know how that goes. That means I will have raw edges showing on the top of the piece and I think that’s fine with me. I may even find  way to get over being a quilter and get to being an actual fiber artist again. You know, stop the traditional thing.

There are some pieces I have already quilted. They were out of less dense fabric – the fabric that will be arriving in January!


The purple/green piece had both kinds of fabric in it. When I got to the dense, impossible to quilt cloth, I cut it off. It’s my quilt so I could do that!

I’m anxious to get to work in the sewing room today. Enough knitting for a bit – I can do that tonight. Today, I play.