What’s Up for Today?


I mentioned that I do a lot of reading. I’m also reading Vasistha’s Yoga over again each night and I’m on page 177 of 738 or so. I can highly recommend it as a way to understand God. It may not be the way others come to an understanding but it is mine.

I’ve been a member of Kindle Unlimited for over a year. I read a couple of books every 3 days and with my income, we cannot be buying enough books for me to read. I don’t like a lot of current mysteries and I prefer ones from The Golden Age. I can’t get them as ebooks from the library as they only have the current ones. And let’s just say enlarging the print on my Kindle is where it’s at these days!

The E.R. Punshon Bobby Owen mysteries are a new addition to Kindle Unlimited. For $9.99 a month I get to check out 10 books at a time. I started with the first 8 Owen mysteries and then found I could buy 15 for 1.99 a piece! I bought them. Now there are more so on payday (I do everything on payday, it’s so exciting!) I bought them. I am reading The House of Godwinsson which is my last Kindle Unlimited Bobby Owen. Then I found George Bellairs and I have a stack of them in Kindle to read. Plus I found that Clara Benson has released the second Freddy Pilkington-Soames mystery and I got that.

There are lovely non-fiction titles on KU too. One in particular was so much help I’m actually going to treat myself to it for my birthday next month. It’s Brioche by Nancy Marchant and it is the best resource for “getting” the brioche stitch in knitting. Believe me, it isn’t easy but I’m going to start a brioche poncho and I would rather not have to keep starting over. The way I have with Outline. (Gods of Knitting do not jinx me here because Outline is going well at the moment.)

Picture: Miki Barlok
Picture: Miki Barlok

And I’m knitting away on this still and it’s more fun than a barrel of sliced toads! I love this pattern. I cannot wait to finish it and put it on because it was 57 degrees in the house this morning and I don’t want to run the boiler and burn up all my oil. Odd how the heat pump won’t pump heat when it’s -25 below zero. Especially since I had to buy a battery and a jump and I could have used that for oil, but oh no I had to do something stupid instead!


Today I will nap with my book because I’m still waking up at 6 every morning. Ever since the time change I get up before the sun. In the summer I can sleep until 9 or 10 with no problem. See I don’t have to do that thing called work, so I can sleep until I wake up. I’m so glad I’m old and I have social security and a tiny teensy pension.

Today is the day my husband died two years ago. I’m okay now as I said before but it’s still so weird. Three days after he died I knew he was where he was supposed to be. Such a feeling of calm came over me and I just knew he was okay and in a good place.

Today is also my Uncle John’s birthday although he passed away in 1942 as a result of a bombing by the Japanese at Iwo Jima. He was only 17 at the time I think or 18 at the very oldest. My mother never got over the loss of her big brother. Ā I have all the old photographs that Mom saved for years. In fact I have three rubber made tubs full. So many memories. I heard about a service where you can send them and have them digitized and returned. I’m going to look into that. The pictures include those from Mom’s family and also Dad’s family. The ones of my Great Great Grandfather who lived during the Civil War are astounding.

Today I’m knitting. Are you surprised? I might get some dust bunnies captured and thrown out too. Depends. I don’t like cleaning because after all it’s just something you have to keep doing. And not fun!