Making It


This little beauty might look a bit busy to some, but to me it’s perfection. Luckily this top was pieced mostly from fabric that I dyed BEFORE I bought the fantastic cotton poplin that takes color like crazy but is so dense I can hardly quilt through it. I should be able to quilt through this one.

i haven’t spent much time with my fabrics since last summer. I’ve been knitting like crazy. I finished a sweater for my son. This is a Neck Down Pullover by Diane Soucy. This pattern was particularly simple although I do think I’ve made it too big. Next time I’m going down a size. It’s hard to decide size on sweaters. Ben says it’s the perfect size but I think it looks big on him!


I also finished this cardigan for me – my first lace project and I love it! This is Old Town by Carol Sunday. I want everything Carol Sunday designs and I’m going to have them too, I swear.


And I finished this, which is a gift knit for my hairdresser. She puts up with a lot from me, like me only going once every 6 months whether I need to or not! This is Loop by Cassapinka and I love all of her patterns.


And I cannot forget my first Bradway by Andrea Mowry. The colors! Oh the colors!


This is all why I haven’t been sewing and that needs to be remedied. I haven’t made an item of clothing for myself for almost three years and it’s time to get back to it. Lord knows there’s plenty of fabric for clothes in my sewing room, just a lack of time for the sewist to work.

I am in my “zone” when I’m creating something, whether it be something to eat, something out of yarn, something out of fabric. Time passes by without my recognizing it. My day flies and I look at the clock in amazement. I also read quite a lot and I make time for reading daily. If anyone wants to send me more hours in a day, feel free.

Tomorrow it will be two years since my husband died. The first 6 months were hard, primarily because it felt so odd not to go to the nursing home every couple of days. I had to stop and think, “You can’t go visit him.” And then I would get sad and remember our good times together. Now I’m past the worst part of grieving and I’m actually thankful that he died because the condition he was in was so horrible.

As I make my way back to living, I look around and see all the lovely things I get to do. And I am grateful.