Oh Boy the Snow is Here!


For me, it’s okay that this stuff is on the roads today. I go nowhere. All of my errand running was done last week so I’m free to sit inside and watch the snow – and eat cinnamon rolls. Gag. Think I made too many so I’m going to bag them up and freeze them. Two people cannot eat 72 large cinnamon rolls. Well, they can, but they shouldn’t.

Today is exciting because 31 skeins of yarn is arriving at my door!!!!!! Golly I love yarn. I had someone comment once when I wrote about Feminism and what it is and isn’t – that I couldn’t even comment about it because I wrote about yarn. Seriously. I guess you can’t knit and be a feminist. I’m going to have to spread that around. I think you will see a lot of knitters in an uprising against stupidity.

Keeping it real for a moment, I practice mindful living. That means I center myself in the moment, not out in some weird world-confusion that is unreal. There is only One thing and that is Infinite Consciousness. So I do not need to pay attention to the world-confusion because it is just an idea. It has never been created – there is only Infinite Consciousness.

As I do watch the news occasionally, although Lord knows I shouldn’t, I see what’s happening in the world-confusion and I wonder at all the souls who haven’t found enlightenment yet. Even those who profess that they have, do and say things that show they have not.

Presently there is a lot of anger in the world-confusion. The collective emotion of anger is ruling the world-confusion right now. The only way out of the angry world-confusion is to pull inside, practice self-enquiry, and be so determined to be absorbed into Infinite Consciousness that there is no other activity that will satisfy you.

I’ve written before about my spiritual practice. I practice Bhakti Yoga (the yoga of chanting the Name of God) along with meditation and mindfulness. I read Holy Scripture, particularly Vashistha’s Yoga. I am fortunate in that I no longer need to earn a living in the world-confusion so that I can devote all my energy to devotion.

The hate, the anger, the violence, the killing of authority figures, the killing of each other – these are all symptoms of a world-confusion imagined by individuals who have not yet understood their purpose in the Universe. I wish I could wave a magic wand and bring those parts of the One Self together, but I cannot. That is what is meant by Free Will – the Will to be unenlightened is Free Will. The Will to live in the world-confusion, blaming everything on someone or something else, is Free Will.

Someday, no matter what, everyone will be part of the One Self. There is o other purpose to Life than to find your way back to the Infinite Consciousness. Whether you are trying or not, we’re all on a spiritual path. Some will arrive before others, some will manage to achieve non-birth the next time the dissolution of the body occurs, some will need many lifetimes. But the destination is the same. We’re just traveling different paths at different speeds.

Try not to be caught up in the world-confusion of anger and hate. You will find your life to be much more pleasant. And you can put all the energy you expend on anger and hate into helping others. Transform anger into compassion – you will be in a much better place.