Today I Bake


This isn’t what I’m baking today – that’s a Scandinavian Kringler from last year. Luscious.

Today it’s Cinnamon Rolls. Not just any Cinnamon Rolls either. Rolls from Tassajara Bread Book that have been adapted by me. Adapted to raise quick, be huge, taste fantastic and be done in a damn hurry because I’m hungry.

Seriously it will take 2 or 3 hours or more to get these puppies done. You cannot rush yeast when it wants to rise. You can stick more in the dough than the recipe calls for if you want it to double in bulk quicker. I did that.

I’ve got my gigantic dough bowl out. The one made from ceramic that is so heavy I can barely lift it. It is the only one I have large enough for all that dough.

I don’t intend to make anything other than rolls from this batch of dough although it would make 4 very large loaves of bread. Sweet bread, yummy bread with my name on it. Nope. Today I’m going to do the melted butter, cinnamon sugar thing, roll them up, cut them, get them on a cookie sheet and drool until they’re in my mouth.

Notice how rough my life is? Cheez. I may have to knit while they’re rising. Tough life for sure.