Cold Maine


We have had none of this yet ……. just a dusting. And it’s December 10. Usually by this time we’ve had a storm or two.

The dreaded 4 letter word that begins with S and isn’t shit is going to happen Monday. Five to eight inches of the fluffy stuff will land on us. Okay, I can take 5 to 8 inches. I cannot take 20″ so I’m hoping we don’t get a storm with 20″ of dirt in it!

Today’s plans include trekking to the satellite PO to ship off 39 skeins of yarn I destashed a couple of days ago. This was yarn that I had no use for and I was happy to turn it into yarn I do have a use for now. I’m going to start this:

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This is Mae by Andrea Mowry, one of my absolute favorite designers. I’m using this yarn by Quince and Co. in my absolutely favorite new color, Canvas. I have wanted this yarn ever since I saw the new colors but I worry about light sweaters. (I am a pig who drops food on everything I wear and probably need to use a bib.)


I’m also working on this by another favorite designer, Stephen West. His patterns are OUT THERE and I love them. All of them.


This is going to be fantastic. I have hundreds of skeins of yarn going into this. It’s a chunky or bulky weight knit so I’m holding worsted with fingering weight to get the right gauge. I have a few bulky weight yarns that I can use alone, but I mostly have worsted so holding them together gives me an interesting color blending two yarns together.

And I cannot forget this. Now this little puppy has been driving me nuts. I’ve started it over a thousand times – I swear. It’s supposed to be a thoughtless knit – something to do when you don’t want a challenge. Good God. I keep SCREWING up. I will do this if it kills me but now I’m at the starting over point AGAIN. LOL.

Picture: Miki Barlok

It’s so beautiful and I have hot pink, green, yellow, white with multi-colored speckles and on and on and on. It’s going to be lovely as soon as the  yarn over challenged knitter can stop SCREWING up!

Once I get back from the PO today, you will find me in my knitting chair. What will be on the needles? I did the Eenie Meanie Miney Mo thing and it’s Outline. Sigh.