Almost A Year


It’s been almost exactly a year since I’ve posted anything. It was a fun year, full of making, planning, color.

It was also a year I spent thinking. I have always thought too much and sometimes I wish I could remove my brain and give it a good clean. Sort of a disinfectant kind of clean. While the thinking annoys me something fierce, I have decided a few things that the thinking helped.

I found that it is in the doing, not the thinking, that my greatest bliss is found. I also learned to accept everything that happens gratefully and to not strive or struggle for those things that do not happen. To be content with what is and to not worry about what is not is the greatest path to enlightenment. Acceptance. A small word but one of the most important words in the English language.

On the doing front there has been more cloth dyed. Imagine my dismay when the beautiful colors on this awesome fabric turned out perfectly. And then I went to quilt it (by machine) and found that even with a sewing machine, getting through that very densely woven fabric is almost impossible – not totally impossible, but difficult. Seems I need cotton that is less densely woven! Lesson learned. My next order of PDF fabric will be much different – and it’s a shame really because that dense fabric takes color like nobody’s business.


There’s also been some knitting going on around here. I have wooden floors that haven’t seen a broom or a vacuum for longer than I care to recall. I do take time out from knitting to cook – being that cooking is also a joy for me. I don’t stop knitting to clean because, after all, that dirt is going to come back, sure as horses is horses. Knitting won, dirt lost.

I did a few trips this year. One of the prettiest was a drive from Bangor to Belfast to meet a snow bird friend who is here in the summer and in Florida in the winter. I love that woman like a sister. We both knit like crazy and buy yarn even crazier. She’s leaving on a trip shortly but when she returns to Florida we’re going to start a knit along between the two of us for this pattern by Carol Sunday at here!


Take a close look because I’m going to need all the help I can get on this one! I have progressed in my knitting, in fact I gifted a shawl to my hairdresser who said I am an expert now! But LOL that thing has color work in it. I haven’t done any color work yet. I look forward to lots of ripping out and starting over. Sigh.

On the personal life front my son and I are both doing well. He is such a joy to me everyday. Having someone to cook for when you’re a widow is very important. I can’t imagine cooking for just myself. Then it would be horrid reheated frozen dinners I’m afraid. We’re keeping a bit vegetarian and every time we go off the vegetarian diet, neither one of us feel well. Onward tofu and vegetables, out meat!

Spiritually I’ve come a long way. I’m writing down my experiences in the hopes they will help someone else. I’m going to look for a publisher once I’m finished. I am excited about that.

And I’m older. No kidding. My age bothers me when I come up with ideas for a business I’d like to start. Then I think, get real, you’re in your 60s, you’re too old. I’ve been slapping that self that tells me I’m too old. And my Self agrees. Business planning is going to happen, whether I’m old or not, I have ideas.

And this year I lost my most adored person on Earth. Leonard Cohen is now living in the Tower of Song. I’m so grateful that I have his music to hear, his concerts to watch. I could not live on this Earth without them.



I hope you’ve all kept well since my last post. I hope you’ve stayed in the moment, that you have all learned to Be Here Now.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Jennifer says:

    Thanks! Need more recipes!!!!!!


  2. dinnerbysusan says:

    So glad you’re writing again!


  3. Jennifer says:

    Hello! I’ve missed you! Good to be back and yes, I’m in a good place. We’ll see how long it lasts!!!!!!


  4. I don’t know what happened but that sent by itself. Anyway, you sound great, as if you have come through a lot of things and learned a lot. It’s been 5 1/2 years for me and it’s better but well, you know…it never really goes away. I don’t cook for myself. I eat Pb & j and oatmeal or veggie grillers and that’s about it. Sometimes bake a sweet potato. The shawl is gorgeous, can’t wait to see your finished project. Again, so happy to see you again:) You sound happy and determined.


  5. I’M SOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY YOU’E BACK! Yayayayayayayayayayay! Missed you. šŸ™‚


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