Weird it is. Christmas Eve here in Maine and it’s 56 degrees outside. I love it. I do not care about white Christmases. I have seen thousands of those ……. well in the 60’s anyway. I have had it with White Christmases.

Today is not a day for knocking myself out. No candy making, no cookie baking, not even any big supper making. Today I rest. Tomorrow I can do the holiday thing …….. one last time this year. On New Year’s Day I will also rest – a good way to start the year.

I’ve been thinking back over the last year and several cool things have happened. I joined a group of knitters and left that group. They are having fits now ……… seems they want to bitch and piss and moan and every time they do, the forum gets locked so they can’t. Snicker. It is not a group I miss at all at all.

I finished three sweaters over the summer and fall. I haven’t worn one of them yet. It’s been too warm outside!!!!! Too bad – don’t care – would rather it be warm than cold.

My oil bill is fantastic. Take the fact that the temps are warm and couple that with low low oil prices and I’m laughing. I am truly laughing. I also purchased an infrared fireplace heater for what will shortly be the art studio and it warms up the house in the downstairs beautifully. Coupled with the heat pump, I hardly run the furnace at all.

I started dyeing fabric again. I wanted to make some quilts and I thought about how I wanted to do it. Did I want to buy fabric – probably solids or all prints? Nope. I wanted my quilts to be made “from the ground up” starting with PFD cotton that I dyed myself. I love my dyed fabrics and the two quilt tops I am working on are looking fantastic. I had to stop yesterday and dye more fabric. I’m making a queen and a king size quilt so more fabric was in order. It’s in the dryer now.

I have plenty of yarn stashed for at least 4 sweaters, 6 pair of mittens or 6 hats, 15 pairs of socks or more because I’m going to use up my leftover sock yarn …….. I can keep doing socks forever. They require no thought which frees me up to watch Wallander in Swedish. I have to read the subtitles. I can read them and knit socks!!!!!! I love that show – much better than the UK edition with Kenneth Branagh …… is that how you spell his name? Anyway the guy Emma Thompson dumped. Thank God she did – he is so OLD LOOKING.

I have spent many happy evenings with Netflix. So much so that I truly do not need satellite TV and it will be eliminated in January. I am so thrilled. I can get the last season of Downton Abbey on iTunes and that is all I require. Eventually Call the Midwife Season 5 will be on there too ……… so I won’t miss a thing. Let’s see $7.99 or $62???????? Hahahaha.

I sat down a list of goals for 2016. Things I need to accomplish – ways I’m going to change – stuff I’m going to do – so nice to have a plan, even if only parts of it work out.

I also am afraid that blogging on this site is something that I’m not going to do in the New Year. It has run its course for me – I no longer feel the need to chatter on about things – I can chatter in my journal and I feel better about that.

Merry Christmas to all of you – have a grand New Year and a good life!!!!!!!! And remember that stuff about living in the moment – I’m off to live in mine!!!!!