Of Mice and Cookies


It isn’t every day I get to write about mice AND cookies. Today I do. I did both today ……..

We all know Christmas is next Friday – unless you’ve been hiding in pot hole covered with poutine and are trying to eat your way out ……. yes, Friday is Christmas.

Things happen around here during the Holidays. I like to think a lot happens around here. Socks get knit, toys get made and cookies get baked.

The presents are ready for screams of joy, the socks are on their way …….. the second sock for my son will be done in about 2 days and my second sock will be on the needles. Since I lost one of my favorite socks in the laundry yesterday, I need that new pair. It’s enough to stop me from ever doing laundry again. I loved those socks. And now I have only one. I know the other one is here somewhere – logically I know this. Where else could it be? It didn’t grow sock legs and walk out of the house in a huff because it was soooooo dirty – it’s here.

The cookies got a huge boost today. I made a batch of Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip cookies because they went over gangbusters the last time I made them. I was thinking about Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies with Mint but I veered off of that thinking it could be a bomb. Not sure it sounded too good.

At the same time I made a batch of Ghirardelli White Chocolate Chip cookies with dried cranberries and sliced almonds. Hmm. Now I was going to be hard pressed to decide which one to try first except after they were done I was tired. So I let them cool off and did my afternoon reading. Upon arising, I noted that son had not touched the white chocolate chip cookies but he had made a foray into the chocolate peanut butter ones …….. I tried the white chocolate and Hot Damn! These are better than even I could have imagined. Just the right combination of crispy and soft, oozing lovely white chocolate and brimming with sour cranberries and crunchy almonds ……… Keeper!

Now on to the mouse thing. I’ve been looking for a present to give my little girl. This is Maggie-Boops. She enjoys playing


string with her big brother at night. He twirls the string and she chases it until she gets tired. She doesn’t get tired quickly. I looked everywhere, well everywhere I’ve been, for the perfect Maggie-Boops gift for Christmas and I just couldn’t find anything half as cute as the Ostrich and Giraffe she got last year. So ……. I found cat nip.

I’m pretty handy with a needle (?) so I decided to make her some mice ……. more than one and with very very long tails so they can substitute in the play should the string get tired. This afternoon I dug out some gray velour and cut out three mice varying in size from large to small. We shall have mice on Christmas Day. I’m going to fill them with some batting and cat nip (just to keep her interested) and put cute little mice faces on them. She might as well be smiled at while she kills the mice.

I also worked on quilt number one today. Instead of leaving it the way it is, it is having additional fabrics added to it to make it 80″ x 80″ so that it will fit my son’s bed. And the second quilt will be 120″ x 120″ for my bed. Hopefully I will have the quilting sewing machine before long and probably before I get these tops finished. For mine I sense that I will need to dye more fabric ………. which will happen on Christmas Day.

Maggie-Boops says Hi. Or sort of. I try to pat her head and she looks at me like I have totally lost it. You can look Momma, you cannot touch!!!!!!! Such a good cat ……..😊