I sat here today trying to get my act together …… do something productive …… accomplish something. It is yet another day of complete darkness by 3:30 pm – but you can’t tell because it’s mostly dark all day long.

I did manage to cook supper ……. a yummy blue-plate special. That was good. And I also put my quilt backing fabric in the dryer – I dyed it yesterday using yellow, orange marmalade and a sprinkling of pagoda red. It turned out marvelously. And I sewed strips together and pressed them out. I’m still deciding how large to make the second quilt. Do I want it for my son’s bed, my bed or a wall?????? Yetch. I don’t know yet.

I’ve been reading – this I can manage to do no matter the gloom. I finished another book this afternoon and last night I finished one that I’d been working on for over a month. I paid for that one – it was outside my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

I succumbed to the purchasing of a book because of Shetland Wool Week. I followed that on Instagram and have developed a love of all things Shetland Island related. Except for that book, that is.

The book was Dead Water by Anne Cleeves. I think she has an e on her first name – let me go check – nope Ann Cleeves. I can never get that name right. I have an aunt named Anna – now that makes sense ….. no needing to decided if there’s an e on the end or not!

Anyway, Dead Water. I snorted throughout that book – the bare amount of time I could stand reading it. It was dull. The scenery of the Shetland Islands wasn’t even touched upon. The most scenery I got was some place where oil tankers came in or went out or something. The plot was thin. There were 2 people killed and one kidnapped but the reason they were killed and kidnapped was stupid. Nobody would kill and kidnap in this day and age for the reasons given. Nobody. Not even on a small group of Islands in the north. Nope. Wouldn’t happen.

I liken this book to those I’ve read FREE on Kindle Unlimited. Right now I’m wading through all the Miss Silver mysteries by Patricia Wentworth. Think country-house trapped suspects and no excessive blood and gore. You may leave in the sex although it is usually in the form of appeal and not just raw sex. There is always a damsel or gentleman in distress – after all Miss Silver has to have a reason to help, no? And there is Scotland Yard and a certain Chief Constable of a county Miss Silver seems to favor when taking clients. Of course, the Yard and the Chief Constable value her input immensely.

The books are filled with descriptive information about the countryside or town, about the persons involved in this murder or that, about the methods in which the miscreant is brought to justice. There is always a happy ending. The books are uplifting and refreshing ……. just started number 20 and am already mesmerized.

Some may say reading mysteries that are at most 85 years old is a waste of time ……. not so for me. They brighten many a gloomy, rainy Maine day. And if I can’t get my act together to be productive, at least I can be lazy in a happy frame of mind.

And oh, it snowed today!!!!!!!!! Looked so pretty but I think it’s melted away already. It was nice when it was coming down – all fat and fluffy white flakes. Maybe snow won’t be so bad after all. I’ve got to get up early tomorrow ……… the sun is going to shine!!!!!!!!!!!