Where’d You Go?


Maybe this was the last sunset. Or is it a sunrise????? Who can tell?

Whatever it is, we haven’t seen the sun here in mid-coast Maine for days ……. could be weeks – it feels like weeks.

On a positive note, being positive better than being negative, we also haven’t seen the white stuff from Hell either. So maybe gloom is okay. If the sun shines and we get that 4-letter S word – I don’t want to go there.

Today we had what is called “Wintry Mix” although I don’t see it. It’s just raining. It’s cold and it’s raining. It’s not all that cold or it would turn into that 4-letter S word from Hell.

My creativity could use a burst of sunshine though ……. just a little. I only feel like reading and sleeping ……. I don’t even have the urge to bake. That’s pretty bad. I’ve sunk damn low when I don’t have the urge to bake …….. those quilts are calling me …….. as I’ve said every day for a month now – it’s a good day for a nap.