I’m not sure why but when winter comes – even though this can’t be winter (it’s 52 degrees outside in Maine right now) I spend more at the grocery store.

I spend too much. There are only two of us …….. I think $700 a month is a bit steep for us ……. but yet I can do that if I try hard and if I don’t try hard.

We eat at home almost all the time. We may have one take out or restaurant meal a month – usually a take out. There aren’t any restaurants near me that inspire me with their exquisite food enough to make me want to go there. Besides – a burger meal at a local diner ends up being $50 and I’m not that ridiculous when it comes to food.

The shopping thing though – it’s out of hand. I now always make a list and try to plan the menu for a couple of weeks. I may need to head back to the store for fresh produce or cat food or milk, but usually I get two weeks worth of meals. No junk food is on my list. We need cookies and potato chips and candy like we need The Plague. Eating that stuff is pointless. Especially chips. I have never been full after eating a bag of potato chips – never

The rest of this month and from now on – my budget at the grocery store is going down. I know that if there weren’t a grown man in the house (who happens to be my baby) my food bill would be lower. But hey, he’s got to eat and he eats more than I do. He still eats less than his father did – you would not believe the food that man could put down!!!!!! And he was thin and tallish. Not tall but not too thin either. But he ate …….

Now that it’s just my son and I, we do find that we’re eating differently. My husband had some definite dislikes on the food front – like anything spicy and anything like macaroni and cheese. He liked spaghetti but only every now and again. He mostly wanted homemade soup or some kind of meal with lots of gravy. After he become so ill I quit serving him vegetarian food. He needed strength and he ate meat based foods better than bean based food.

We also like the same foods, so cooking is less stressful than it used to be. If my son and I wanted fish when his father was alive, we had to cook something separate. For a man who came from a port on the Black Sea, my husband hated fish – except for tuna which was definitely odd.

My husband’s favorite foods were the foods of Chicago – hot dogs with everything that reminded him of the hot dog carts on the street, sausages ditto, homemade soup which I have no clue where he learned to love and pickles. We had to have pickles and if he were running low, he would drink pickle juice until I would threaten to throw up. Then he would stop.

Over the next few days I’m going to spend a lot of time with a calculator, the grocery ad and a recipe book ………. let’s get this bill down. It’s starting to resemble the tax bill ………