May Never End


I’ve been working on this for a while now …… it’s in three pieces so far and they’re 39 x 60 each. I’m now working on the  middle section, I think. I won’t know until I put it together.

I took this


and this


which wasn’t sewn together yet and separated them out and sewed them to the piece above. I like it better than just this by itself. I don’t like precise. It offends me. I like chaos. Amazing how my life is precise and my art is chaos, no?

I’m still seeing where the piece will go. I cut long 3″ strips of dyed cloth and sewed two together to make them 60″ long and then sewed a bunch together interspersed with 3″ blocks to get the two side panels. Now I’m in the process of sewing more 3″ squares and more strips together to put at the top and bottom. I think I’ve decided to make this huge.

On the subject of huge, I also wanted a knitted blanket. Who knits blankets?????? I asked myself that see because I can always make a quilt or actually cough cough BUY A BLANKET for about 1/10th of the price of yarn. But no. I have to knit one.

I have been looking at yarn, calculating the price and wondering if $500 is too much to pay for a blanket. Probably.

I dug through my stash and decided I could give these up to the cause:

Nice Stems in Scholar 2.0 The Plucky Knitter
and this


Plus some other weird yarn I bought early in my knitting addiction – a curly bulky yarn that looks like this


I have this in blues, reds and purples. I also have it in one called Fireworks which is light with flecks of all colors in it. I may break into that. I had skeined a lot of it because I decided to dye it another color ………. I might still do that!!!!!!!!! I could have thousands of yards of yarn ………..

So the blanket I’m making is a Double Seed Stitch and it will be at least 70″ wide unless I get crazy and add a border all around it. I might crochet the border – just to keep my skills from getting rusty.

There’s much cookie baking going on – although I baked a huge batch yesterday which is gone already so I’m not going to make any more until closer to Christmas. Those were chocolate peanut butter chip cookies with walnuts …………. all gone. Bye.

Just got my copy of Quilting Arts for the month – gotta go!!!!!!!!