When I was in grade school, from 1957 through 1964, we worried about nuclear war with Russia. We had drills where we had to get under our desks in as quickly a manner as possible.

Some kids I knew had parents that were building bomb shelters either under their home or in their backyard. My husband and I went through a lot of homes we were interested in buying and saw bomb shelters in several of them. Nobody thought anything odd about it – at the time.

Of course now I know that if we had come under nuclear attack, being under a desk would not help a lot. In fact, the desk would be pulverized in the first blast. And nothing would be left. I guess those drills were put in place to make us feel comfortable.

We also had tornado drills and those were certainly necessary in Downstate Illinois in the heart of the tornado belt. Nobody wants to be in the wrong place in a tornado. We all huddled out in the hallways made of concrete blocks, learning how to protect ourselves.

Did those drills help? Well, no. Not if you see how the people in the Inland Regional Center responded to seeing two people walk from the parking lot in assault-style clothing carrying AK-47s. They thought it was a drill. It was not. It was real.

They were conditioned to those drills. It never occurred to them, until they heard the gunfire, that it was real. There’s something wrong here.

They never expected that a terror attack would take place where they were. They thought those were in Paris or if they were going to take place in the US, it would be in New York or Washington D.C. or some other location.

Why did it take place in San Bernardino? I have a theory that it was just a rehearsal – seeing how they could do the act and retreat without garnering too much attention. They had the misfortune of staging their attack when there was a training session going on less than a mile away – a training session for law enforcement. They were trapped in the perimeter of the location where they killed innocent people. That part of their rehearsal didn’t go so well – but it went well enough, because over 35 people were killed or injured.

And what happened in Paris – remember that, it was just last month. Immediately after being made aware of the incident, the president of France called it terrorism. Not so in our country. I still have not heard an “official” calling this terrorism – even though you’d have to be blind, deaf and dumb not to know that that is precisely what it is. People who commit workplace violence don’t make pipe bombs to take along and don’t have AK-47s and handguns ………..

Contrast that to 9/11 when we immediately were told we were under a terrorist attack. When our president declared that we would not cave in to terrorists. When our president stated, for the world to hear – that the terrorists would be hearing from all of us. When our president led.

I cried in 2001 from 9/11 until sometime in December. Not just tears every now and again but tears all the time. I saw the fires that kept burning, the people on the streets with posters of their loved ones, the towers collapse one after the other, the first-responders who were killed in the buildings while trying to help get people out. I saw that and I cried.

I can’t cry now. I’m too angry. I’m angry at the terrorists but I am more angry at a president who won’t even recognize that this was a terrorist attack, not a gun control issue. I’m angry.

And here we go again. Gun control. Yes, gun control. How about immigration control? How about those screeners we’re supposed to have so much faith in – those poor widows and children that we have hardened our hearts against because we are afraid? There was a woman, 27 years old, with a 6 month old baby she left behind, who went out and killed as many people as she could in 1 minute flat. She had to know she would die. She had to.

And instead of announcing that this is a terrorist attack, our current administration is beating around the bush, not making any statements that could be offensive to anyone but Americans who again live in fear of their lives. Just playing it safe, complaining about guns – even though there are laws about pipe bombs and large magazines of ammunition and the guns were bought legally. Legally. That’s it. There are already laws.

Just like there are screeners ………. who couldn’t catch a terrorist if the words were blazoned on their heads. Why? Because our administration does not want there to be terrorists.

Who’s clinging to guns and religion now??????? It seems that we must get rid of all guns and have no religion …… no prayers for the dead, no prayers for the lives torn apart by the action of terrorists. No prayers.

I have a message for the radical Islamic terrorists who wish us harm every moment of their waking day –

There are a lot of us. You have killed us in great numbers – as many as 3,000 at one time. You continue to murder us one by one or in a group. You think you will go to Heaven and God will tell you how noble and wonderful you are.

There are a lot of us. You cannot kill us all. You may try and we’re going to be ready for that – in 2017 – so if you want to hold off until then, please do so.

But if you think you will stop us – that you will frighten us to the point that we do not live our lives – think again. There are a lot of us. You cannot kill us all.

We will survive you and your crazy ideology. We will survive as we did Hitler and Mussolini and Stalin. We will survive. You will not. I promise you that.

And gun control? I’m getting one. For the first time in my life, after having survived 16 years on the mean streets of Detroit, I’m getting a gun. Because if you come at me or mine, I will be ready.

Do you want to know how I know I will be ready? God is on our side, not yours. And contrary to leftwing political thought, there is a God and there is a need for prayers. Say one for your souls.


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