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I live in a city with a population of around 37,000. Today they were all on Stillwater Ave – the street I take to the Mall area. I don’t know why, but I like the Hannaford’s at the Mall better than the one on Broadway. For years I shopped at Broadway and then I started going to the Mall where they have more organic foods, a larger selection of vegetarian fare and just downright good things if you don’t eat meat.

We ventured out at about 12. I would have gone earlier, but I have a night-owl son who just isn’t ready to hit the stores until at least noon. So noon it was.

First there’s a light on North Park which crosses Broadway and becomes Stillwater. I live on South Park so I have to go around the square  and sit at a light which takes FOREVER.

The traffic GODS in Bangor have decided that there will be fewer accidents if each direction has it’s own green light. Which means all the other three are stopped at least for 3 minutes. I hit the light today just on time for it to go green. Do you think I could get through the intersection without a problem? No. A lovely woman decided to turn right on red while I had the green light and was going straight …… and the idiot behind her was going to follow her …… she stopped when I honked my horn as I whizzed by her.

I made the Essex Street light and it was clear sailing all the way down to Hobby Lobby and some god-awful turn off to Buffalo Wild Wings. Never ever ever would I eat at that place. Just like I don’t shop at Hobby Lobby. People who like to decorate with fake flowers go to Hobby Lobby. I am not one of them.

Just as I was moving again after another light, some male person in a big truck decided to turn on red in front of me. Sigh. And then he slowed down way below the 35 mph limit. It is one of the few places you can drive over 25 mph and believe me, I do. I think driving 25 mph in the city is awful. Who can keep their car going 25 mph????????

Just as he turned off into the lane leading to the movie theater at the Mall, some woman in an Escape decided to pull from the left lane in front of me – almost – she did not make it. I didn’t back off and give her a chance either. By this time, all the people who turned right on red and pulled in front of me had me really pissed. Wait your turn – or else – I have insurance and I’m not afraid to use it.

While this is going on and I’m driving like an Indie car driver down Stillwater, my son – who hates driving – is telling me to not pass anybody up, not to tailgate, watch out, someone’s backing out ……. yada yada yada. I don’t know which is worse – him or the people jumping in front of me??????? I told him that – he shut up. It was a good thing because I was about to pull the eject lever on his seat. Seriously – if you want to drive, drive. If you want to ride, shut up.

A few thousand yards down the road and I was able to do the right turn into the Hannaford’s parking lot …… now I only had to deal with some young turk with a big rig. He was BACKING IN  TO HIS PARKING PLACE. They do that here – supposedly so that they can drive through the snow drifts to get out of the parking lot. LOL – no snow today Einstein – just pull in normal????????

The store wasn’t too bad. Not an overabundance of people in the store today. No kids that I could see (or worse, hear). It was pretty peaceful and we managed to do enormous damage to the grocery budget.

Today was the day – which I get once a year – when I buy all the baking ingredients I might want from now until March. You know, chocolate chips in the super large bag, white chocolate chips (Ghirardelli), butterscotch chips, peanut butter chips, 4 white chocolate bars also by Ghirardelli, 20 lbs of flour (King Arthur) 4 lbs of sugar, brown sugar, confectioner’s sugar, cocoa and pecans, almonds and walnuts. I think I’m set. Let the cookie baking begin! I remember, I do need one of those squirt guns for making cookies? I used to have one but I got it at a garage sale and it was kind of bent or whatever and we left it behind somewhere. We also left my superb collection of cookie cutters. Those need to be replaced too. I just die for making little Christmas Trees and frosting them and Santa Clauses and Bells and Wreaths ………. ah the fun of the holidays.

We got home and both of us were wiped by the time we got the food stored. It’s so nice to have so much food we can’t find a home for it.

I managed to buy food that was of the “put on a cookie sheet and bake in the oven” sort. After my chopping, slicing and dicing of the last few weeks – I need a break. Besides, I have cookies to bake.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Haha! I think the name is more indicative of the legal manner in which the town, city, village is incorporated. We are the “City of Bangor” so it’s a city, albeit a very very small city. It’s also the third largest city in Maine – only outdone by Lewiston-Auburn (see that’s two cities!) and Portland. Portland has just over 63,000 people????????? That’s smaller than Champaign-Urbana where I was born and especially when all the students were in town! We came here after living on the Island where the largest city, the capitol, was 35,000 and the town we lived near was 2,000 – believe me I wouldn’t have lived in that town if you’d given me the whole place. We had three other houses we could actually see from our place. Being on 22 acres, we didn’t see much! So it felt awfully big by the time we got here – just like PEI felt ridiculous coming from Detroit metro! Ivar lived in Chicago until he was 39 so I know all about the parking problems – he went to visit his mother in Wicker Park before it got prettified and was scared to death someone would steal the car, the tires or whatever since he had to leave it on the street all night …….. the traffic yesterday was from all the people who don’t live in Bangor – the little itty bitty towns and country folk coming in to shop the “big” city …… there’s 155,000 in the Greater Bangor Area ……. LOL. I cannot imagine being in the country here – no way ever. I would be hysterical. And if I had to drive 45 miles to shop, like I did when I was on PEI, I’d scream for days ………. funny what you get used to! No, Ben would absolutely not love being driven in Chicago and there’s no way in hell he’d drive in it. Especially when they change the lanes of traffic during rush hour – like on Lake Shore Drive? That used to get me ……. how do you know when they’re going to do it??????? LOL


  2. Okay, you have 37,000 people in your “city.” There are over 76,000 in my suburb (right outside Chicago), and we are a “village.” There are 9.7 million in Chicago (that may include two suburbs, not sure) The question is how many people do you need to call a place a city? I never thought about it before but now I’m curious. Your cookies are going to be fantastic. I was talking about you today and saying how your sweaters look exactly like they are supposed to look and there are no dropped stitches or holes or uneven rows. I’m so impressed. I can’t get over 37,000 people being called a city and not a town. LOL I don’t know if you would like it here anymore…your son would freak out with the traffic. In a lot of places in the city you need stickers to park because people who live in high density areas, with bars and shops on busy streets, have no where to put their cars. I knew a guy who found a parking spot and took public transportation so he could keep it. Insane. It’s not like that everywhere, of course, just where there are busy streets and apartments/homes all need parking. I don’t know what that’s doing to businesses but residents need to park. People rent garage spaces for incredible amounts of money.


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