EPSON DSC pictureI can’t believe there are thousands of Americans at the malls today fighting for a special deal on a LCD TV or a toy or some other useless piece of crap.

I can’t believe they’re coming to blows either. What’s this with Forever 21? Don’t they sell clothes? Who fights over cheap stuff made in China????????????

I’m not out shopping. You couldn’t get me to the Mall here in Bangor if you sent one of the thousand Canadian bus tour busses to my house to pick me up. You have no idea what it’s like in Bangor when the bus tours from the Maritimes show up. It’s like the hoards of locusts have descended in Egypt and eaten all the crops – except the locusts are polite.

I went to The Christmas Tree Shops about a month ago and got there at around 10:30 in the morning. There was this huge bus parked right in front of the store – blocking the entrance for all of us poor Americans coming in from the parking lot. You got it, it was from Charlottetown. I almost got on that bus and said “Hey. I used to live on your Island, ” but then I figured they would look me up and down like I was some street bum and turn their noses in the air. That’s what they did when I lived there ………

My entertainment today involved winding yarn with my new swift and ball winder. It was Canadian yarn. It was so tangled I lost part of one skein and two others I had to cut and wind bits of them. Sigh. If you’re going to charge the Earth for yarn and you’re going to tangle the hell out of it, wind it for God’s sake. I may have to buy another skein because I may not have enough for my pattern. There was so much of it I could not untangle. I’ll buy that but then that will be it. I can get frustrated just sitting here paying my taxes, I don’t need tangled expensive yarn!!!!!!!!!!

On a high note, tonight’s supper is leftovers. Surprise! It’s in the oven being warmed over. At least I do not have to cook. I may not cook again until the second week of December …… just saying.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    It’s ok now – just super annoying when I was trying to wind it! What a mess – and I have zilch patience. How could anyone go shopping today? I’d rather throw myself off an overpass!


  2. LOVE the picture. I wouldn’t go shopping today for anything. LOL Some people think it’s fun but I’m not one of those people:) Too bad about the yarn…not when it’s so expensive. Can’t you send it back?


  3. omtatjuan3 says:

    Imagine a holiday where shopping is the main event… Only in this country…


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