The Spiritual Path of Anger

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If the inside of my brain was open to view today, that is what you would see. It’s been a rough few days in A Little Fluff Goddess’s life ……….. bad bad bad.

It started with the woman who I sold some yarn to and who persisted in being so irrational that I have lost it. Yesterday she escalated it and today, yet again, she’s escalated it even further.

What I offered to do was refund her money. That should have been the end of it. No. First she files a dispute with PayPal yesterday. That’s fine. I escalated that dispute out of anger that she just couldn’t send the yarn back and be refunded. That was after she demanded that I pay the postage to get my yarn back so I could give her all the money back she paid. Sigh.

Today I go onto the forum of The Plucky Knitters and start reading Totally Random Chatter. She has gone onto that forum and asked the whole entire group if they’ve had “bad” yarn from someone. Now I know who she’s talking about. She’s talking about me. She’s getting the whole group involved in an issue that I have resolved by offering her a refund. The rules of Destash are that you buy at your own risk, so my offering her a refund questions unasked was unprecedented. She still persisted.

At first I was going to be big about the whole thing and not respond. But, you know me, I just had to let her have it. And I did.

First, I wrote to a moderator of the group. I then posted the whole issue on Totally Random Chatter for the group to see. I explained that I offered her a full refund, that the issue was resolved and that she’s just carrying this whole issue beyond reason.  Chortle. The Totally Random Chatter board got LOCKED. I am so pleased. She cannot respond to me – she cannot keep this up – because I called her bluff.

One thing I have noticed since joining that group is that there are many wonderful people in the group. There are also many not wonderful people there. Kind of like life, it’s a mixed bag.

I have decided to leave The Plucky Knitters Group because of two reasons. I cannot afford the yarn is a big one. People like that woman is the other.

I do not socialize a great deal in my private life, having a few good friends and not really wanting to deal with others. I find the human race to be seriously wanting in the compassion aspect of life.

Spiritually, as my life is spiritually focused, I will have to deal with my anger. I cannot run over to Chicago and beat the crap out of that woman – which is what I want to do. Instead I have to live with my anger. How do I do that?

The first thing I do is recognize it. I feel it. I let it wash over me and I watch it. I hold my anger close to me and I love it. I tell it that it does have a purpose in my life and that I will be glad to learn how to love it.

I then get quiet and watch my anger, my loved anger, slide out of me and off into the ether. The anger is gone.

Anger is a natural reflex when we are attacked.  Everyone on Twitter became angry at the horrible slaughter in Paris. Everyone wants to do something. Not everyone can and now people are angry that our leaders are not doing more. We need to love that anger but not let it remain in us – send it out of ourselves and let it dissipate.

I have a few acquaintances that can testify that I have the world’s worst temper. Given some of my natal chart planetary placements – my horoscopes have always said I would have made an excellent general. Well, I would have made one that got kicked out of the military for being too angry!!!!!!!!

Who would think that joining a group of knitters would give someone a cause to be so angry they could smack the crap out of someone? It doesn’t say anything about knitting. Rather it says volumes about an uncivil society – one that I fear for each and every day.

It is our society that has produced women such as the one that decided to escalate an already resolved issue. It is our society that has produced a group of college students who think that a word or a picture are harassment and racism.

They have no idea what racism means. They didn’t march with Martin Luther King, Jr., they have never been told to go to the back of the bus, they have never been beaten because they wanted to vote. I will hazard the guess that very few of them have actually voted – not wanting to take the time out from demonstrating.

They, unlike many in our society, have a chance at a good education. They squander that   chance on courses that seem to have little point. Perhaps most of them cannot handle higher mathematics or engineering or physics, but their choices of course work is not going to prepare them for real life. Ask me how I know? Yes, I have a degree in Humanistic Studies.  No, finding a job was not easy.  Study math – you’ll go further.

And look around you before you become angry. I was sickened by stuff I saw on Twitter that the college students were upset that the attacks on Paris was getting more attention than they were. Please God. Help us.

NOTE: After writing this I checked my private messages on Ravelry. There were two – one from a friend telling me “You Go Girl” and one from a member of the group who had experienced a similar issue. She bought me a knitting pattern that was in my Favorites list. I cannot believe such generosity of spirit. There are good people in the world!


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  1. Rustic Womble says:

    Some people have so little going on in their lives that making a huge drama out of something so simple, makes them feel important. You did the right thing – and I admire you for dealing with the anger it wrought in you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. omtatjuan3 says:

    What didn’t she like about the yarn? Weird how a few dollars can make a person go nuts…

    Liked by 1 person

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