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Okay. I am now going to talk about surface design, fiber art and the creative process. This way see I don’t blow up. I love not blowing up.

I over-dyed a lot of fabric, which of course means I had already dyed it. Some of them were very pastel, some were multi-colored with lots of white space and some were just right out ugly. It was a lot of fabric when I started going through it and there’s no way I’m going to waste that much fabric.

I took it to the kitchen and wetted it out. I kept it in the original amounts that was dyed – not feeling like chopping it up again. After mixing up the soda ash/salt water which I use to activate the dyes, I began sprinkling on dye powder.

The worst part about this is that I have to wear my mask the whole entire time. You do not want to inhale dry dye powder. Believe me, it’s not good. I get that same sort of cough when I inhale Crystal Light before I mix in the water – whew.

The colors I used this time were all darker. I’ve decided I have one little thingie of dye that I truly do not like – the color is Sweet Pea. You know I might just have to throw that away. It’s this pink/lavender color that is just cringe making.

I used Goldfinch – one of my favorites but no longer available – Kingfisher Blue, Oxblood Red, Orange Marmalade, Lime Squeeze and Turquoise and Lemon Yellow – the last two are primary colors.

Once I sprinkle them on, I have no clue what it’s going to look like for 24 hours. I have to let it set and develop and then rinse it the next day. Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised and that was so this time.

A few examples of how they turned out:

IMG_0522 (1)

This one started out being neon yellow. It was horrid. I knew that I would never use it. I wadded it up (technical term) and sprinkled Oxblood Red and Orange Marmalade all over it. I love the “tracery” you can see in the red dyes.

This one:


I can’t even remember the under color. I do know used Oxblood Red and Kingfisher Blue on this. The fabric in real life is stunning. You will see more of it when you see my next quilt.

This one was pale turquoise – a color called Parakeet. Now I did like that color, but I knew it was too tame – so I jazzed it up.


We got the whole box of crayons on this one!!!!!! I love the ray effect that appeared. This ย just happened from placing the sprinkled dyes one after the other in a circle. And of course from my expert cloth wadding. ๐Ÿ˜

With colors like these, I think I can take a break from screaming bloody murder for a couple of days. Wouldn’t count on too long — Mars just went into Libra and that’s right on my ascendant and guess what? I have Mars right there waiting for the transitting Mars to hit it. Oh boy. I would look for some asbestos shield …………….


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