So Now What?

quai Voltaire

So now what do we do? We can talk about how bad we feel for Paris, how this is terrorism, how we have to stop this ……… but what do we do? It would be lovely to find where most of them are – you know those people who like killing innocent people.  It’s time to remove them and maybe Gitmo would be a good place for them. Who knows?

I’ve surely been angry this past day. Yesterday morning I wanted to smack the crap out of a woman because she used the fact that she was a single mother to excuse her rudeness. She used “putting my babies to bed” for the reason she couldn’t respond to me. She’s pretty ignorant because I read the same forums she does and she was chatting away, giving everybody her perfect advice during the time she told me she was “putting her babies to bed.” Eeeeeek.

Then the trauma in Paris happened.  I was in Paris at almost exactly this same time 18 years ago. On our next to last day there was some sort of terrorism trial taking place and the military was all over the area by Notre Dame when we got off The Metro to walk to the cathedral. It was spooky then. Now I cannot imagine what it is like.

I think about the people who will have to go into the concert hall and remove the bodies. Those that will have to just go in there to record what happened, get evidence, look for more clues. I worry about their sanity. ISIS said something about how they will never get the smell of death out of their noses. No. They will not.

Today Obama finally called something terrorism. I don’t know that that has ever happened before but I really don’t care. He needs to do a lot more than talk now. He needs to act. I will back him up no matter what he does, as long as he acts. The time for talking is finished.

I would like to know how this attack happened and no intelligence agency knew about it. Was that Edward Snowden giving the enemy so much help that we can no longer listen in to them? Or are our intelligent officials tired of the constant drum roll on the left ………. the scrubbing of Benghazi, the blame on videos, the Democrats screaming that it’s a political witch-hunt? Well, if you’re going to hunt witches, Hillary Clinton is a good place to start.

After all, I don’t remember ISIS before Obama became president. I remember Hamas, Hezbollah, Bill Ayers (sorry couldn’t help myself) and al-qaeda. I remember Bin Laden – boy that sure helped killing him off. Might have made us feel better for a couple of minutes but I’d rather have HIM in Gitmo so we could get some stuff out of him. Or stuffing out of him, either way.

We have Obama – someone who through Petraeus under the bus. Now General Petraeus is the most intelligent and effective military general we have ever had. Yet he did something lots less worse than one of our presidents (can’t bring myself to mention his name but his initials are WJC) and he was fined, threatened with prison and treated like some sort of animal at Columbia University. I don’t think he’s doing that gig any longer. I wouldn’t.

But where do we go from here? I’m going to go back to Paris. Absolutely the first chance I get. I’m going to walk into the Louvre, walk down the Avenue de Opera, visit all the little yarn shops and fabric stores I can find. I’m going to eat in a cafe’, buy bread in a bakery and thumb my nose at a coward with a gun and a grenade. I’m going to walk down the streets of Paris and I’m going to sneer at terrorists. We’re going to put you back where you came from.

Did anyone watch the Democrats debate each other? Wow. Now that was an interesting evening. Hillary didn’t look so hot last night – not that it will matter. Her followers mostly go “Baah” and they will continue to do so.


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