I Won’t Get Any “Likes” For This (Ask Me If I Care)


I’m not going to be politically correct. I’m mad as hell and I’m going to tell you why.

Last night I watched television for the first time in months. Why? Because some medieval, evil and completely barbaric people decided to kill and maim innocent people in a city on Friday night. Not just A CITY – but the City of Light. Paris – the most beautiful city in the world bar none.

They did this in a manner that was cool, calm and as evil as possible. When I heard that people were being killed one by one – those held hostage in a concert hall – I thought I would not be able to take the pain that image put into my mind. This is why I don’t watch the news. I cannot get these images out of my mind. But today I am angry. I am as angry as I will ever be. And I am angry at those who will go on to live and say that we should never have gotten involved in Iraq, Libya, etc. fucking etc. They will say it is the fault of George W. Bush, his father, his mother, his little sister, his dog – they will blame him. And they will blame us – those of us on the right of political thought in this country – who, by the way, have a right to think the way we do. We have a right to talk about it and we have a right to believe it.

One day, soon, ISIS will start blowing up Americans here in America. They will head to wherever they can get the most attention – they will do as much killing and maiming as possible before they kill themselves or we kill them. They will not care that you’re liberal or conservative – whether you are 3 years old or 80. They will not care.

Today some lovely Twitter Idiot replied to one of my tweets about making sure Bashar al-Assad is gone. He tweeted that it was people like me who caused the terrorism. Hello out there in loony land!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sure it’s people like me – keep saying that until you get me mad enough and then I will come for you. I’m pissed enough now to do it. Why don’t you send me your address? Oh I get it – too chicken huh?????? You’d rather have a Twitter war with me than stand up and be a man? Hey I can deal with that – I know you’re a lily-livered coward by the way you write your Tweets!!!!!!!!!!

I am amazed by people who think that any action taken by any president results in the beheading of Christians, the raping of women, the brutality shown by ISIS. I am amazed but not surprised. The liberals cannot, after all, take responsibility for the complete destruction of society because of their namby-pamby ways. Let us all get together, join arms and sing “We Are The World” – that fucking worked.

When they come for us – after all American blood is best – how do you want to respond? Will you put your arms around the suicide bomber and tell him you know it was the fault of George W. Bush and you are so sorry – please don’t kill me? Will you say “I feel your pain” and I know you’ve been severely injured by America’s intervention in your part of the world? Will that work if the one trying to kill you is an American??????????? An American radicalized by ISIS? No. It won’t. Nothing will save you. It will be too late.

On our college campuses right now – and oh God I do so worry what America will look like when those cretins take over governing us – little girls and boys, spoiled by their parents with $40K per year tuition payments, all the money they could ever spend, every item of pop culture in their hands – they are “demonstrating” because they want a safe spot. A safe space so they don’t have to confront people with ideas that are not their own. Let me tell you kiddies, this is not one of your fucking safe spaces. I will confront you for what you are, children with no idea of what real life is – children who are so wrapped up in yourselves you cannot see 1 inch in front of your face. Children who think that whatever they believe will magically be the beliefs of everyone else in America and IF IT IS NOT THEN THE ONES WHO DON’T BELIEVE LIKE THEM MUST BE SILENCED. Does this not remind you of ISIS?????????????????? If it doesn’t, you’re kidding yourselves.

Paris was brutalized last night. Soon it will be New York or Chicago or Seattle or LA. It will happen. They will scream whatever it is they scream before they joyously mow down as many of us as they can.

We’d better start preparing now. It’s time to stop parsing words and call this Islamic Terrorism because that’s what it is. It’s time we stopped looking for excuses for these barbarians and do something. It’s time we had a president who knows how to lead and how to protect us. The one we have doesn’t. If ever I have seen a perfect picture of impotence, it is Barack Obama. Do not kid yourselves. If they start attacking us he will look sad for a moment, smile and go golfing. Mark it down. You read it here.


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  1. Connie says:

    I agree with you 100%. Great post!


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