Feminists Who Aren’t Feminists


Well that took less than a day – less than a day for a member of the GP to piss me off royally.

I had been destashing yarn to pay for some things that needed paying for quickly. No problem – all my yarn that I wanted to sell – well it sold.

Last night I learned that someone (I’m trying to be polite here) did not like the yarn I sent. Okay. So she sends me a message that was snotty in the extreme. What do you expect, I ask?

I offered to refund the sweet little person’s money but she couldn’t respond to me within two hours. I wrote again. I received a message back this morning. Seems she’s a single mother with small children – please cue the violins, okay?

One of the reasons women do not get anywhere is because they wear their troubles like a badge and tote it out for all to go “poor thing.” Prefacing anything with “I’m a single mother with small children” is like saying “You must treat me differently from anyone else and you must excuse my complete rudeness because you see my marriage failed and I had children before it did.”

I should walk around telling everyone that I’m a widow of 11 months and that I am so poor I can’t breathe. That would surely get me a pass on the need to be polite, civil and responsible??????? No. I need to be a single mother with small children.

We, as women, need to stop throwing up – and I mean that literally and figuratively, excuses for why we are rude, obnoxious or pitiful. Just frigging stop it. There are so many single mothers these days ……… for whatever reason. I am also a single mother and a widow. You couldn’t pop off a shotgun and not hit a single mother in our society. Truly.

Using excuses like this is something that is endemic to our society. It’s like those kids on college campuses who want safe spots. Or whatever. Safe spots for being idiotic, for not being a whole person, for complaining about behavior they don’t like, for giving them a reason to act small and stupid.

Remember Melissa Click? Who could forget her. A communications professional telling a reporter to leave and then asking for “muscle” to get him out of the area where the “news” was taking place. That’s a professor who professes to believe in feminism. Yep. She’s a feminist. Enough said.

Update: I just received Jim Geraghty’s Morning Jolt in my inbox. In part of his Jolt he says:

They fight for feminism while “sugar daddies” are now in vogue in some circles of young women, advertising is as objectifying of women as ever, millions of women obsess over celebrities’ bodies, and women put 50 Shades atop the bestseller lists. Their effort to divest from oil and natural-gas companies is floppingdivestment from Israel has passed in only a handful of schools.

How appropriate for my morning. Love ya Jim. Love ya.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    No kidding. I’ve been with this one group since May. At first I thought the updates wouldn’t be enough and I was “frightened” that I wouldn’t be able to get the yarn I wanted for projects. Well now the group is so ridiculous that I can’t even cope. The business owner goes on trips to Paris, Shetland Islands and wherever and she’s doing that by selling the yarn at inflated prices. I would love to go to Paris. So ……. me no buy her yarn ever again.


  2. Karin says:

    Marketing is so subjective in the world of wool, isn’t it? One of the most coveted brands is one that I don’t care for, I find the base ‘stringy’, while really great Indy brands go unnoticed. The buyers that irk me are the ones who are enthusiastic up to payment and then say “well, others are selling it for (less than I am)”. Okay, my prices are posted, why did you waste my time?! Most don’t even send thanks for the effort of packaging and taking to the PO to get the quote they asked for… Let’s hope for some serious buyers to come alone soon 🙂


  3. Jennifer says:

    I agree! Well my feedback is going to be leaving the group on Ravelry. It’s a group of knitters who buy this excessively marketed yarn which is touted as being “wonderful” and “rare” but now they have updates twice a week and there’s more yarn on destash than you could buy in a year. There’s been over 400 items put on destash since the 1st!!!!!!!!! So I’m leaving that group – I will only associate with married mothers with small children. Tee Hee. 😛

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  4. Karin says:

    First of all – I need some of your good destashing vibes! Secondly – I agree wholeheartedly. Sounds like ‘buyer’s remorse’ and it isn’t as though people can’t ask questions before going through all the motions of buying, right? Instead, she chose to make it your problem with a side of guilt to manipulate. There should be feedback forums for buyers like that.


  5. Jennifer says:

    And isn’t that the way to do it!!!!!! Honestly I do get so tired of our society’s “pity me” act!!!!!


  6. Connie says:

    I was a single mom of small children and I decided from the getgo that I’d rather be admired than pitied. And that’s how I lived that stage of my life.


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