I’ve Been Cooking ……….

It’s cold out. There’s no two ways about it, winter is coming. She’s coming in slow – thank you thank you – but she’s coming.

When it gets cold, I start cooking “winter” food. If I had to choose a food season or two I love the best it would be spring and winter. Spring because I can see all the lovely things pop up at the grocery store that aren’t imported from super far away – who buys asparagus in the dead of winter? OK I do but only because I need to. I do.

Last night’s supper was leftover mashed potatoes. Doesn’t that sound yummy? Here’s what they looked like frying ………


What, you say, is in these lovelies? Let me tell you!

Potato Pancakes with Jarlsberg

Leftover mashed potatoes – I use red potatoes, not peeled and mash them with butter, milk, salt and pepper.

3/4 cup Jarlsberg, shredded

1 egg

salt and pepper

2 T flour

Mix everything together well. Taking a 1/2 cup measuring cup, fill it to the brim with the potato mixture. Take the patty out of the cup and place it in a pie pan filled with panko bread crumbs. Turn it and make sure both sides are covered.

Drop this into olive oil which you already have hot with about 2T of butter added to the oil. Keep doing this. I had about 3 cups of leftover potatoes and I made 6 pancakes. You see one teeny one and that was what was leftover in the bowl. I ate it.

Fry these on each side until the bread crumbs are crispy – serve hot.

These have the most delicious flavor. Jarlsberg is a mild type of Swiss cheese and not overpowering at all. The panko on the outside give you a crispy layer. The inside is soft and luscious and cheesy. Let’s just say nobody left the table hungry. And these are on the menu again next week ………… with Eastern white potatoes next time – those being what I have!

OK who wants some????????


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  1. Jennifer says:



  2. Jennifer says:

    These were good. Tonight we had spaghetti carbonara …….. I may not need to eat for a month.


  3. Now I’m hungry.


  4. You’re doing it again!


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