thumb_600Some people get urges to do some things – me? I get urges to bake. So I bake.

Today I had practically no sugar in the house. How that happened, I don’t know. We were at the store last week and somebody told me we had plenty of sugar, but hey, we didn’t get any.

So cake, pie, cookies – out. I could also use more butter. I sense a trip to the store in my future …….

What could I make with flour, yeast, salt, oil, milk and honey? Olga bread. That’s what.

If you don’t live in Michigan, like I don’t, let me say I pity you. There are Olga’s in Michigan and one in Illinois somewhere close to Chicago, but that’s it. So you’ve never tasted Olga bread, not to mention their frozen yogurt or the filling of the Olga bread which is some kind of meat (I can skip that).

It’s an eminently simple recipe:

1 cup milk, scalded and cooled to lukewarm into which you have put 1/4 cup honey and 1 tsp salt

Once lukewarm you add 1 beaten egg and the yeast mixture which has been bubbling away – 1/4 water and 3 tsp yeast. The recipe calls for 2 but I like yeasty things.

4 cups flour added a cup at a time and mixed in …….. here’s how I do this …….. one cup stir madly with a large metal spoon ………. add another one, repeat, keep doing it until all the flour is gone. Knead for a couple of minutes – I do this in the bowl. Let it rise until double in bulk.

Let’s face it, it’s cold now. Which means it takes longer to rise than it would if it were 90 degrees ……… so I just walk away and ignore it until I want to cook it.

When it has risen, punch the dough down and separate it into 16 balls. Roll out each one – they should be around 6″ in diameter. Go to the frying pan.

I use a french cast iron frying pan which I got years ago at Williams-Sonoma and I love. They don’t have it any more but there are french iron skillets for sale lots of places. I heartily recommend them for everything, not just  Olga cookers.

Heat the skillet as you would for pancakes – so a bit of water sizzles on the bottom of the skillet. Put in the Olga’s one at a time (of course) and cook for about 3 to 4 minutes on each side. You want them to be pretty and browned, but still let pieces of white show through ……… trust me, you’ll get it.

Voila – you have something worth eating.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jennifer says:

    We could get you some flour ……..


  2. YOU have something worth eating…I have a PICTURE of what YOU’RE eating.


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