There Are Days ……….


Tough day for The Fluff Goddess yesterday – tough day. It started out okay and then I went to the sewing room.

First, I sewed together a bunch of rectangles. Unfortunately I didn’t notice I had no bobbin thread. Whoops. I wound a bobbin, stuck it in and started again. I must have run out of thread the night before because lots of them weren’t sewn together.

Then I started sewing triangles together. I’m sewing production style. Well, my needle decided to break. Cool. I can handle that. Sure I can. Seems that the needle clamp was so tight I couldn’t budge it to get the broken needle out. I called in reinforcements. He couldn’t budge it either so we went for the leverage of a small wire cutter – the only small thing we had. He did budge it then.

But still, I couldn’t turn the clamp. Finally, after about an hour, I put a small screwdriver in the slot and turned with all my might. I got the sucker out. Then I left the sewing room – too much frustration to continue.

OK. Then I thought I would just knit. I found out that lace is much harder to knit with than DK. I do use a lot of skinny yarn – but I’d been working on Laurie and a scarf out of DK for the past month or so. By the way, Laurie is done – I just can’t block it for glamour shots until my sewing table is free to hold a wet sweater for 24 hours. I started a swatch.

While watching TV last night, I had to correct something in the swatch. I did that. Then I forgot where I was in the pattern. Impending dementia? No. Just a distracted knitter. TV will have to be off while I’m knitting this pattern or else somebody’s going to have to stick a memory stick in my brain. I cannot walk and chew gum ……….

Before the swatch business, I had been expecting a couple of packages. One was from a great supplier of nuts and things. Baking things, nuts, dried fruit, organic seeds, on and on and on. What they sell, I want. But I chose FedEx Smart Post. There’s nothing smart about FedEx Smart Post. They’re supposed to turn it over to the USPS – which is in itself a scary proposition. This time the package tracking just kept saying pending after it had said it would arrive (at the post office) on the 23rd. After that it disappeared into nothingness. I wrote to FedEx. Sure they’ll get back to me next year some time. Then I wrote to the seller. Guess what? He already sent me a new package which will come Thursday. That’s only 11 days after I ordered it. I’m okay with that – he couldn’t help the fact that I was too cheap to have FedEx deliver it to my door. Next time I will know better.

Then I was expecting a package of yarn. I thought it would be all 4 skeins that I ordered. It came. One skein. Not four. Sigh. This morning I learned my other 3 skeins will be here Thursday. We’ll see ………….

Today I’m going to clean out the sewing machine, make sure I don’t break a needle again and try to get all my little strips sewn up. Wish me luck. Do we have a Full Moon????????? Just checked, yes it is. There you go – there’s a reason for everything.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    I swear I couldn’t even smoke right.Kept getting in my eyes.Sigh.


  2. Denise says:

    We’ve all done the bobbin thing… how odd to get one skein and then three? Good luck with your needle this time round.

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  3. Full moon tonight. Stay away from sharp and pointy things, my friend. Sounds like a truly frustrating day. I hate when that happens.


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