Bits and Pieces Pieces and Bits

It’s all coming together. Well, it isn’t together exactly. It’s more laying in strips on my table. There are hundreds of strips waiting to be sewn together. So far, I love the way it’s going.

I am so pleased that with the exception of one piece (the orchid color rectangle) all of the fabric in this quilt has been made by me. Just me. White fabric dyed in a myriad number of ways achieved these colors. I will never stop.

More fabric will be on order soon ……. I’m getting low on PFD fabric to dye. And I have a list of around 100 colors I want still ……. you just never know about the combinations …….. it’s like having the big box of Crayons to start school.








More to come …………..


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  1. Rustic Womble says:

    Er…gosh, its a huge undertaking to do it by hand! I haven’t done an actual quilt yet, just a couple of wallhangings, and they were enough for me and my bog standard machine :p I’m sure when you get a machine it’ll be worth it! 🙂 Have you been quilting for a long time?


  2. Jennifer says:

    Thanks! No bad ….. hard to tell when it’s unfinished. Sigh. Most of my stuff still is. I’m waiting to get a machine that quilts or else suck it up and do it by hand. EEEEK


  3. Rustic Womble says:

    Oops, bad me, sorry. It fairly sizzles with colour though 🙂


  4. Jennifer says:

    It’s actually part of a quilt ….. just not done yet!


  5. Rustic Womble says:

    Hi, i really like these – SO colourful! I dye my own fabrics as well (also in a myriad of ways), but haven’t done a thing with them as yet, because I just like making the fabric, haha! Your runner looks incredible – well done 😀


  6. Joan says:

    You’re welcome 🙂


  7. Joan says:

    I love hand-dyed and batik fabrics and yours are beautiful! I will enjoy following your blog! 🙂


  8. Jennifer says:



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