Yesterday’s Work

Wish I had awesome photographs to upload from my dyeing session yesterday – but you will just have to take my word for it until later today. Blinking stuff is spinning in the washing machine.

Again I used dark colors – Turquoise, Fuchsia, Lemon Yellow primaries, Goldfinch, Lime Squeeze, Dragon Fruit, Pagoda Red, terracotta, Thistle Blossom, Deep Marine, Parakeet. I did my absolute favorite dyeing method of soaking the cloth in hot water, manipulating it either with rubber bands or twisting and scrunching and sprinkling (in my case dumping) dyes on the cloth. I use at least 3 colors and usually more. Then my soda ash + salt + water combo goes over the dye and the excess muddy water is dumped out.

All of the fabric I dyed yesterday – 7 pieces total – turned out just as I wanted them to turn out. I need darker colors for the quilt I’m planning and these fill the bill. Plus I used a range of dyes to obtain variation – like green with red but not over the top of each other (makes brown). One of them IS brown with variations in it and it is just what I wanted.

Again the rinsing was a pain. Dark dyes equal long time rinsing. But they came out and got their little selves dumped in the washer. Can’t wait to get them dry and take photographs.

My surface design Guru is Jane Dunnewold. I have read everything she’s ever written and soak up her creativity like life blood. I want to take her on-line class in Artist Strength Training. I will do this soon. Irregardless of the supplies that the registration fee will mean I can’t buy – it is that important. One of the aspects of the class in particular caught my eye. And that aspect is making work distinctively your own.

Years ago, while stumbling into competitive quilting (I will never as long as I live ever do that again) I was told over and over again that there was nothing about my work that announced that it was by me, that each piece was different, that I didn’t have a hook in my work pointing to the fact it was me doing it. There were art quilters out there you could recognize just by the method they created their pieces. Sorry – I never got excited about strip-piecing gradations of colored cloth or primitive farm animals or any other little thing that was repetitive about the artist’s work.

I notice now that all fiber artists seem to find one theme or one method and continue it – never changing – just repeating the same patterns, color, method over and over and over. I would shortly become bored. So I want to learn how to make the work distinctively my own without boring myself to tears doing it.

Back with pictures in a bit – off to stick stuff in the dryer!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jennifer says:

    LOL that cow in the corner is a bitch!


  2. I’m with you. Your work IS you. Different drummers and all that. I thought it was about the work not recognizing a cow in the corner.


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