Sue Garman - antique triangle quiltBack in high school – at least 3000 years ago – I discovered that I was actually pretty good at math. Better at geometry than algebra, but hey, still got a B in algebra so I wasn’t crying or anything.

And what math have I used all my life – besides the constant adding, subtracting, apportioning and budgeting and planning type of math? Geometry. My father was a genius at geometry and he needed to be. He spent almost all of his life from his early teens being a carpenter. My grandfather was a carpenter too. Grandpa would be 127 on October 13. He was SO cool. He cussed like a sailor (used to teach Sunday School too) and his last job was manager of the village dump. Let’s just say that most of the useable stuff left at the dump ended up in Grandpa’s garage. How was I to know – at the age of 7 – that I was Grandpa??????????

Okay back to math. Today, after letting my mind rest from all the ideas churning away, I decided upon my next wall hanging. This one might be huge and maybe even bed-sized because I have that much fabric available to make it from. And it’s not squares. No, it’s triangles.

Well I didn’t get too far away from squares now did I? Nah, just have to cut triangles now. At least they are larger. I made my template based upon the size I want it to be. And it can just keep growing from there. It’s basically 4 triangles sewn into a square and then a row of triangles sewn together around that square to make a larger square, albeit in different colors. The colors are the big deal here. It will go from pinks, to gold/greens, to blues, browns, reds, whitish (don’t really have any whites so it will be pale colors) and then on to the darks. It will be stunning, if I say so myself.

In between plotting out that puppy, I have an update to prepare for tonight. See if I had unlimited money I’d just go way nuts and get all that I want but for some reason – even I can’t get into spending everything on yarn. Almost everything. It’s not like I’m suffering – between the first of October and the second week of October I spent around $900+ on yarn. Is that ridiculous, or what??????? No, it isn’t. I want to do that every week. Constantly. I need to find me a sugar daddy. One with one foot in the grave and the other one on a banana peel …………..

But plan for tonight’s update I must. There are mystery kits and that might be my thing tonight since I have all the sweater quantity yarn I need – for now. I have that awesome green coming on Tuesday – which would have come on Monday if Christopher Columbus hadn’t discovered America. Leave it to an Italian to screw up my yarn delivery!!!!!!! Just kidding. No offense meant – he could have been Spanish.

And of course Maggie and me got to fit in our afternoon nap. I’ve been so happy being a Kindle Unlimited member, I can’t tell you. I read a book every 2 days. If you calculate there are 364 days in a year – that’s 182 books per year. At $5 a book – and who can find a book for $5??????? – that’s $910 – or $1820 if the books are $10 a pop. Yes yes I know there are libraries. We have one – but you have to go get the books, schlep them home, read them, take them back. Or wait forever to get one on your Kindle. So I joined Kindle Unlimited for $9.99 a month. With that subscription I can have 10 books at a time checked out and when I return them, I can get more. I return them as I finish them and get another.

I’ve read the whole collection published so far of the Gladys Mitchell mysteries. This lady was a teacher and wrote from 1920 to 1980 something when she passed away. The mysteries are not formulaic at all and are the most entertaining I’ve read.

There are modern mysteries on KU as well as the oldies. I’m now on a Margery Allingham binge. Her Albert Campion mysteries – most of which I’ve read – are unbelievably good considering the times in which she was writing. There are elements of adventure and suspense not usually found in the ‘Golden Age’ of mysteries. Of course Agatha Christie is there too – but only two of her titles. And there are many more. I’ve barely touched the surface. I finished Traitor’s Purse by Allingham a couple of days ago and it was something I hadn’t read before. Fantastic plotting in that book and a real page-turner. Campion had amnesia but yet he knew he was supposed to be doing something to stop an event from happening that would take down the British Government and collapse the civilization. Nothing like that kind of pressure when your head hurts and you can barely remember who you are!

Back I go – up to do some geometry ……. and a nice little reading nap. No pressure here.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    You know, I read Simenon years ago but now you’ve given me a whole new bunch of mysteries to search for! I hope they’re unlimited!

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  2. Denise says:

    Hee hee definitely worth Kindle Unlimited for you! I bet you have read all the Maigret mysteries already, Paris hankering person that you are.
    I am not surprised you are good at geometry – conversely I also found that mathematician women I knew were into making clothes.


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