Triple Play Part Deux

It’s still Plucktober – that mad knitting marathon that lasts the whole month. There are prizes, fun things going on and I’m doing a Triple Play which means I’m knitting three gifts …….. there are other ways to do that Triple Play, but for me the 3 gifts is it.

I’ve finished The Hat and am now on The Scarf. Since a scarf is basically a long rectangle, I didn’t see the need to buy a pattern. My first two attempts at improvisation I didn’t like so I started again. And I came up with this:


This is going to be one NICE scarf. The pattern takes a bit of paying attention.  I wear my row counter on my finger so I can tell which row I’m on in the pattern. This is Plucky Knitter Trusty in Fondant. I love it. My son’s eyes are the kind of blue-gray that turn colors with whatever he wears. They’ll be turquoise with this scarf.

You all remember those socks I’ve made? Well I have lots of leftover sock yarn with no purpose in life. Not enough for socks ……. but enough for something. I think all that yarn – and more, of course, is going to be this:

Parcheesi Afghan by Janine Bajus
               Parcheesi Afghan by Janine Bajus

This is a free Ravelry download and is perfect for bits and pieces of yarn.  And then, while looking for alpaca pom poms yesterday, I spied this:


These are available at, where they have the really awesome Alpaca Pom Poms for my hats. Now I have about as much need for a menagerie of crocheted animals as I have for a year’s supply of Huggies, but hey, I’m nuts and I want every dad-burned animal I see.  Plus, Kerry Lord has another set of patterns for Edward’s Birds. They are just as cute as the animals. I am sunk, totally sunk. I’ll be getting out the crochet hook and I’ve already put the subscription to the animals (7 animals per year) on my Christmas List. If any of you want to celebrate Christmas early, you know what I want.

Life ain’t boring. Not. At. All.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jennifer says:

    Thanks! Having fun even if it is getting cold.


  2. It is NOT boring…like the scarf design.


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