Raw Material

So many things go into making a wall hanging, a sweater, a hat, mittens even and let’s not forget socks.

I can’t forget socks ……. I need time to make more. But today I spent my morning in the sewing room lovingly ironing Monday’s dyed fabrics. I threw in some from the last bunch completed in August and am now churning ideas in my mind.

Churning is what it is. I think it’s the most “painful” part of creating – that decision of where to start. Sort of like when you have a blank post page and you think – ah so what do I write about? I do the same thing with visualizing how I want the wall hanging/quilt to look when it’s completed. I have to make decisions about size, composition, colors …….. on and on and on. And then I change my mind. When the visualizing gets too tough I get out the notebook. I’ve found that sketching my ideas can eliminate them without me having to stew too long on a concept that doesn’t appeal to me once I see it in 2D.

It is so blasted cold here today – and rainy – that ambition has flown clear out the door. The rainy days are pleasant in that I slow down, look around and chill out. I’m not full of energy – do you think I get my energy from the sun????? Oh God I’m solar-powered???????? I might be taxed by the government or something – or would I get a subsidy?????? See silly things like that come to me on rainy days ……… when there is no light, I can hear the rain drip drip drip outside my windows and my cat decides to FRAP all over the place. She has energy – for about an hour – and then she’s back to her 23 hour nap.

While I’m contemplating where to start ………. I’m just going to knit my second Plucktober project, the lovely scarf for the offspring. His hat is finished and it fits – now for the scarf and mittens and he’ll be ready for winter.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Jennifer says:

    Yes he does. He’s just that way.


  2. Nasty…sigh. He doesn’t get it.


  3. Jennifer says:

    You never disappoint!


  4. omtatjuan3 says:

    Oh I’m not though a nice iced tea might cool me down in this way too warm 75 degree weather we’ve been having… Just saying..


  5. Jennifer says:

    It’s so cold today and rainy and nasty I’m wearing three layers inside already. Do not brag about your weather. It’s mean.

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  6. omtatjuan3 says:

    It’s already getting cold up there…? Stay warm!


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