Wild Things

My mad dyeing binge on Monday resulted in some pretty awesome fabric. I took forever yesterday rinsing and washing the fabrics.

I learned not to put so much dye on the fabric – especially with the one that is supposed to look purple and blue. There’s just one of these that stumps me. I can’t remember what dyes I sprinkled on to get the colors. I need to take notes WHILE I’m dyeing, not after. I had 10 jars of dye out on the island and I just sprinkled at whim.

The first one – my favorite and the one that took me forever to rinse. The dyes on this are Turquoise, Fuchsia and Lemon Yellow. Gorgeous combination in my opinion.


Then there’s the red. It was dyed using Fuchsia, Lemon Yellow and Orange Sorbet. It’s a little darker IRL and lovely.


That one has possibilities! And then the blue – I always have to dye something that reads blue when it’s finished. This was using just Kingfisher Blue and Lemon Yellow. It also took ages to remove the excess dye, which means I used too much. The dye should really have exhausted more if the amount was correct.


And for some “neutrals” or close to neutrals, we have these.



These were done with Wet Sand and Otter Brown for the first one. The second is somewhat of a mystery but I believe it’s a teeny bit of Oxblood Red, Lime Squeeze and Goldfinch. Notes Jennifer, notes.

Last but awesomely beautiful is this one.


Goldfinch, Turquoise and Lemon Yellow. Whoot. Love this one.

I may have mentioned before my sources for all things fiber design. I use Dharma Trading Company fiber reactive dyes. They mix well, Dharma has a range of pre-mixed colors not found anywhere else and I’ve used them for years. I also buy my fabric from them. This last fabric is their Mercerized Combed Cotton Broadcloth. I find I like this just as well as Kaufmann Patina and it is much less expensive. Patina is wonderful but for the amount of dyeing I do, I need to save money somewhere.

My art supplies, including my Sennelier Oil Pastels, I buy from Dick Blick. It’s a habit, being from Illinois I purchased supplies from them for years and then after I moved away, they are the least expensive and most responsive of art supply companies. I also purchased mega watercolor and acrylic paint, canvas, etc. supplies from Daniel Smith. Daniel Smith’s watercolors cannot be beat. I love watercolor and would like to be better at it …….. soon as I finish my other umpteen hundred things I’m going to explore watercolor more.

These fabrics above will yield to the scissors. It’s like crayons waiting for a coloring book …………


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  1. Jennifer says:

    It looks so much better IRL. I can’t wait to see the finished one either. I got to the sewing room and ironed it all and then – ah, nap time!!!!!!!!


  2. Beautiful colors. Amazing. The first one reminds me of the night sky. Going to be a fantastic quilt.


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