Strange Things Happen

So I was sitting here last night, knitting away on the HAT (which is finished) and I looked at my iPad mini. I always do that. I love staying in the loop while I’m knitting.

Anyway – in my email I had a message from Facebook that this person sent me a “Friend Request.” Hmm. I recognized that person. That person is the daughter of my long-estranged sibling.

I don’t speak of this supposed sister person because to do so brings me nothing but anger. The incredible things she has done – both before and after our parents died – have led me to the point where I would not walk across the street and piss on her if she was on fire. I mean this in all honesty.

When my mother was dying, my father asked me to call her. I would rather have kissed a rattlesnake because that’s what she is – for sure. I called her because my father asked me to – even though I told him he could do it. Nah – he didn’t want to either.

They landed at the house about 6 hours later. Her, her live-in boyfriend and her son. Later would come both daughters and about 1 million offspring. All this while my mother lay in a hospital bed in the living room – dying from lung cancer.

Things were okay for about a day. And then this person threw one of her many fits. I’d been treated to this fit throwing my whole childhood until we got rid of her and she left home. It hardly happened early enough for me.

She came back – as all horror stories do and proceeded to make life miserable in every possible way. But I digress – back to Mom dying.

The fit she threw was over an onion. You got it – an onion that was rotten and that Dad was going to throw out. She complained that she lived off very little money each month and that she could not afford to throw out an onion. Dear dear dear.

Temper tantrums thrown at my father who was crying himself to sleep every night because his wife of 49 years was dying just didn’t appeal to me. I let her know that. I told her to behave. More tantrums.

After Mom died and Dad decided to come live with my family – she tried everything she could to keep him there – on his own. At one point either she offered to buy his house or he offered to sell it to her. God knows which way it was. I just got a phone call at my home in Canada telling me that it was going to happen. She was going to buy the house for 1/2 its value. I was distraught.

I went back home to Michigan and left for Illinois. I saw the contract that Dad supposedly signed but he couldn’t remember doing it. Dad told her she wouldn’t get anything else, but she had marked out the part where it was to be all of her interest in the estate and put in all of her interest in the “real” estate. Clever bitch. Sorry – it escaped. She arrived at his house with the check for the property and Dad told her he wanted to close with his lawyer. She went ballistic and said he didn’t need a lawyer. He said he’d always closed sales with a lawyer and he was going to do it now. Stalemate.

To make a long story short – we stopped the sale of that house for half price. Then someone else bought it and when the wicked witch found out – she recorded that contract against the property. It shouldn’t have mattered because the contract specifically stated that closing should be before the middle of June and it was September. My father’s lawyer was old and probably thought this person was normal. Me, knowing she’s never been normal, called in the Elderly Abuse people from the State and everyone else I could think of at the time. We ended up with the property sold to the correct buyer, but the nasty person and my father’s lawyer all decided they should put the money in trust so he couldn’t give it all to me. Oh my.

So basically she castrated my father at the end of his life. He decided he wanted nothing to do with her or her children. And he came to live with me. A couple of years later, he passed away while we were living in Canada. And then the fun began.

She decided to hire a lawyer in my province to force me to probate a will, although there was nothing in the estate. The trust was it. Being a former paralegal and knowing the law, I didn’t probate anything. There is no need when the estate has no assets. She kept after it. Until I got my lawyer to talk to her lawyer and she explained the whole problem to him. He stopped working for her.

After the death of my father an obituary was published in the local paper from where he used to live. I left out their names – the whole family was just my family. All hell broke loose. I started receiving phone calls from another offspring of hers calling me everything but a white woman. I gave as good as I got. Believe me. I did.

And now the oldest daughter wants to be FRIENDS??????????? Give me a break. The only thing I’m looking forward to is absolutely no contact ever again with any of them. Fifteen years is hardly enough. My mother and father are dead. She made their lives miserable more than she made their lives happy. I was the one to do the “make happy” bit. I’m the one who took care of them, helped them financially when they needed it and made sure they always had presents and treats. It was me. Not her.

As always she could only take. She never gave a thing either to them or to me for any reason whatever. Just a taker. And her children are the same.

No I will not be FRIENDS.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Unbelievable. Well all I can say is we’re the lucky ones – lucky enough to have cared for people who cared for us – those other people are pointless.

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  2. When my mother was dying of cancer my sister refused to help her. She kept saying mom was an adult and could take care of herself. (!!) I went into debt flying to California to help her and eventually stayed with her at the end which exhausted all my leave from work. My sister stole my inheritance, saying that her lawyer told her that the first person to the bank gets the money. Amazing. I had to cut her loose too. I think that some people are broken and you are right to avoid the whole family.


  3. Jennifer says:

    I would say calling them energy, blood sucking vampires would be giving them credit!!!!!! ARF!


  4. Thank you for that. I never understand those people who accept being treated horrifically and keep going back for more. A gene sequence is just that, it doesn’t MEAN anything else…the word family is just a word and it has no meaning if those included in the definition are energy, blood sucking vampires. I’m with you all the way.


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