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thanksgiving-scene-wallpaper-1After my rant, let me tell you what I’m doing today. It’s much more interesting and up-lifting.

Yesterday, having not had the dyes out for a few weeks, I decided it was again time to GET DIRTY and make a mess. I surely did that. For some reason, I am not particularly coordinated – which is tough considering what I do!

I decided while piecing my last quilt top that I didn’t have enough dark color choices. In order to get the eye-movement I want, I need lights, darks and medium color hues.

I pulled out Goldfinch (one of my favorite Dharma Trading Company colors), Kingfisher Blue, Oxblood Red, Lemon Yellow, Fuchsia, Turquoise, Wet Sands, Lime Squeeze and Otter Brown. I think I used everything but the Oxblood Red.

I started with pieces of mercerized cotton (from Dharma too) about 30″ x 30″. I just roughly cut them 30″ and then cut the 60″ wide fabric in half. I don’t need mega yardage in any one color – just a taste, so to speak.

I soaked these in hot water for about an hour. Just to get them nice and wet. I then crammed – and I do mean crammed – these pieces in small containers. I sprinkled at least 3 colors on each piece – some of them got more. I have to wear a mask for this so the dye particles don’t get in my lungs. I hate that mask. I’m going to have to invest in a respirator mask because the other kind are so nasty.

After the dye was sprinkled on, I took each container to the sink and poured a mixture of soda ash, salt and water on them. I smooshed them down a bit to make sure the color gets into the middle of the cloth and then poured off the excess dyes, that looked like mud. 😬 It’ll be okay.

Today I get to rinse them all after they’ve sat in their dyed state for 24 hours. And then I’ll see what happened. I think that’s the best part of dyeing – seeing how it’s all turned out. You can never tell when you’re doing this kind of dyeing!

After a short nap (not brought on by old age but merely because I wanted to) I got out some already dyed cloth and started enhancing it with my Sennelier oil pastels. I cannot express how much I love those pastels. After the rinsing today, I will be back with that huge wooden box of color and I will do more and more and more enhancing. I even have some watercolor paper I’m considering using to do a pastel painting. Lord if I don’t stop I’ll have 1,000 hobbies. Sigh.

So that’s going to be my day. What are you up to?

Update! Okay so I went ahead and rinsed all the 6 pieces I dyed yesterday. The one with turquoise/yellow/fuchsia was really full of extra dye. Took me forever to get it out.

The red/orange one was dyed with fuchsia and yellow and orange sorbet and it turned out lovely.

The one died with Kingfisher Blue and Lemon Yellow is to die for.

The two brown combinations are absolutely beautiful – the one with Goldfinch and the one with Lime Squeeze are so pretty and necessary. You can never have too much green/brown.

And then the Otter Brown with Wet Sand? Oh my. Pictures will be upcoming after I get them dried!


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Do it!!!!! It’s so much fun.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jennifer says:

    Oh no ….. just a picture!


  3. This makes me want to dye. Can’t wait to see your cloths.


  4. Gorgeous fall photo! Is that your home?


  5. Jennifer says:

    No more squares. Now I’m just going to do improvisational cutting. Cut, fit it together, cut more …….. I found out I don’t like cutting precise squares which may be why I quit quilting all those years ago ……..


  6. It sounds so exciting!!!!!! And the only problem with having 1,000 hobbies is that you have to add anther 100 years onto your life so you can fit everything in. But, knowing you, you’d have another 1,000 by the so you may have to live forever. Can’t wait to see the new squares.


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